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J. S. Caldwell (John Stein)

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Title Author Publication Year PDF File
Seven new species of the genus Aphalara (Homoptera: Chermidae). 1936-04-01
Some North American relatives of Aphalara calthae Linnaeus (Homoptera: Chermidae). 1937-04-01
New Texan Fulgoridae (Homoptera). 1938-04-01
Three new species of psyllids and the description of the allotype of Livia opaqua Cald. (Homoptera: Psyllidae). 1938-04-01
The jumping plant-lice of Ohio (Homoptera: Chermidae). 1938-04-01
A new Cixius from Ohio (Homoptera: Fulgoridae). 1938-04-01
Three new species of Psyllidae with notes on others. 1940-04-01
Pintalia Stål with special reference to Mexico (Homoptera, Cixiidae). 1944-04-01
Notes on Oecleus Stal (Homoptera: Ciciidae). 1944-04-01
New species of Oliarus Stål from southwestern United States and Mexico (Homoptera: Cixiidae). 1947-04-01
The tribe Cenchreini with special reference to the Cenchrea complex (Homoptera, Derbidae). 1944-02-01
Psylliidæ from tropical and semitropical America (Homoptera). 1944-03-01
Notes on the genus Bothriocera Burmeister (Homoptera: Cixiidae). 1943-02-01
Notes on some less common genera of tropical Cixiidae (Homoptera). 1944-02-01
Review of the Auchenorynchus Homoptera of Puerto Rico. Part 1: Cicadellidae. 1950-01-01
The genotype of Forcipata (Homoptera-Cicadellidae). 1942-04-01
Hibernation Studies of the Potato Leafhopper (Empoasca Fabae Harris) and related Species of Empoasca Occurring in Ohio. 1935-02-01
Studies of the genus Empoasca. Part II. Nine new species of Empoasca. 1934-08-01
A New Genus Forcipata--and Nine New Species of Typhlocybine Leafhoppers Closely Related to Dikraneura. 1936-04-01
Some new species of Idiocerus (Homoptera: Cicadellidae). 1937-04-01
The genus Dikraneura--a study of the male genitalia with descriptions of new species. 1937-04-01
Check list of the Cicadellidae (Homoptera) of America, north of Mexico. 1937-04-01