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L. O. Howard (Leland Ossian)

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Title Author Publication Year PDF File
A generic synopsis of the hymenopterous family Proctotrupidae. 1886-03-01
Two spider-egg parasites. 1890-03-01
A parasite of the supposed eggs of the cotton stainer. 1889-03-01
The hymenopterous parasites of North American butterflies. Vol. 3. 1889-04-01
Another spider-egg parasite. 1891-04-01
Three new parasites of Icerya. 1889-04-01
Some new parasites of the grain plant-louse. 1890-10-01
Additional note on spider-egg parasites. 1890-06-01
A new genus and species of Mymaridae [Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea]. 1908-09-15
On two new species of parasites of Aleyrodidae. 1908-07-01
A peculiar structural feature of the Elasminae. 1894-07-01
Arrhenophagus in America. 1895-07-01
The habits of Eurytoma. 1891-07-01
A new remarkable genus of Encyrtinae. 1891-07-01
The habits of Pachyneuron. 1891-07-01
The parasites of Hemerobiinae. 1891-07-01
The habits of Melittobia. 1892-07-01
The hymenopterous parasites of spiders 1892-07-01
A brief consideration of certain points in the morphology of the family Chalcididae. 1888-07-01
A commencement of a study of the parasites of cosmopolitan insects. 1889-07-01
Notes on the hairy eyes of some Hymenoptera. 1890-07-01
Authorship of the family Mymaridae. 1890-07-01
On some parasites of Coccidae, with descriptions of two new genera of Aphelininae. 1898-07-01
The Thomson-Mayr question settled. 1899-07-01
Concerning some Aphelininae. 1914-07-01
An unusual color in a hornet's nest. 1915-07-01
A new silk-spinning chalcid. 1880-02-01
Two new species of Eupelmus, with remarks upon E. (Antigaster) mirabilis, Walsh. 1880-02-01
Additional notes on the genus Antigaster of Walsh. 1881-02-01
The chalcid genus Rileya. 1888-02-01
One word more about Rileya. 1889-02-01
Again Rileya. 1889-02-01
A new genus and species in the Aphelininae. 1895-02-01
On two interesting new genera of scale insect parasites. 1896-02-01
A new parasite of the harlequin cabbage bug. 1898-02-01
A new egg-parasite of the periodical cicada. 1898-02-01
A new genus of Aphelininae from Chile. 1900-02-01
A new Canadian species of Copidosoma. 1907-02-01
Another chalcidoid parasite of a tick. 1908-02-01
Revision of the Aphelininae of North America: a subfamily of hymenopterous parasites of the family Chalcididae. 1895-11-01
On some reared parasitic hymenopterous insects from Ceylon. 1896-11-01