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W. C. Crawley (W. Cecil)

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A Nigerian ant imported into England. 1924-06-01
Two myrmecological notes. 1925-07-01
A revision of the genus Leptothorax, Mayr, in the British Isles. 1914-11-01
Ants from north and central Australia, collected by G. F. Hill. - Part I. 1915-07-01
Ants from north and south-west Australia (G. F. Hill, Rowland Turner) and Christmas Island, Straights Settlements. - Part II. 1915-07-01
A new species of ponerine ant captured by an Asilus. 1916-07-01
Ants from British Guiana. 1916-07-01
Some new Australian ants. 1918-07-01
Ants from Mesopotamia and north-west Persia. 1920-03-01
Ants from Mesopotamia and north-west Persia (concluded). 1920-03-01
A new species of ant imported into England. 1920-07-01
A gynandromorph of Monomorium floricola, Jerd. 1920-07-01
New and little-known species of ants from various localities. 1921-07-01
Formicidae - a new species and variety. 1922-07-01
New ants from Australia. 1922-07-01
New ants from Australia. 1922-07-01
Myrmecological notes. 1923-07-01
Myrmecological notes. - New Australian Formicidae. 1923-07-01
Ants from Sumatra. With biological notes by Edward Jacobson. 1924-07-01
Formicidae. A new genus. 1925-07-01
New ants from Australia. - II. 1925-07-01
A revision of some old types of Formicidae. 1926-07-01
A revision of the genus Leptothorax, Mayr, in the British Isles. (Conclusion) 1914-11-01
Mermis parasitic on ants of the genus Lasius. I. Account of the occurrence of the worm and its effect on its hosts. 1921-03-01
Leptothorax tuberum, Fab., subsp. corticalis, Schenk, an ant new to Britain. 1912-09-01
Anergates atratulus, Schenk., a British ant, and the acceptance of a queen by Tetramorium caespitum. 1912-09-01
A contribution towards the insect fauna of French Oceania. - Part III. Formicidae. 1928-07-01
Notes on some Australian ants. Biological notes by E. B. Poulton, D.Sc., M.A., F.R.S., and notes and descriptions of new forms by W. C. Crawley, B.A., F.E.S., F.R.M.S. 1922-01-01