Collecting Institution Specimen ID Alternate Identifier(s) Identified As Country State Locality Collecting Date Collector(s) Collecting Unit Type Field code


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Subsequent name/combination, Valid
Valid Subordinate Taxa
Taxon Status # of Records
Acanthoscelio Original name/combination 2674
Acolomorpha Original name/combination 41
Acutibaeus Original name/combination 0
Alavascelio Original name/combination 0
Alloteleia Original name/combination 0
Amblyscelio Original name/combination 126
Amissascelio Original name/combination 0
Aneurobaeus Original name/combination 0
Aneuroscelio Original name/combination 573
Anokha Original name/combination 0
Anteris Original name/combination 179
Anthonyon Original name/combination 11
Antroscelio Original name/combination 1
Apegus Original name/combination 57
Apobaeus Replacement name 1
Apteroscelio Original name/combination 573
Aradophagus Original name/combination 1027
Archaeogryon Original name/combination 0
Archaeoscelio Original name/combination 12
Archaeoteleia Original name/combination 1286
Axea Original name/combination 742
Baeus Original name/combination 3173
Baryconus Original name/combination 2815
Bracalba Original name/combination 286
Brachyscelio Original name/combination 1
Breviscelio Original name/combination 30
Bruescelio Original name/combination 0
Calliscelio Original name/combination 22009
Calotelea Original name/combination 1885
Cascoscelio Original name/combination 0
Cenomanoscelio Original name/combination 0
Ceratobaeus Original name/combination 54
Chakra Original name/combination 15
Chromoteleia Original name/combination 6965
Cobaloscelio Original name/combination 6
Cremastobaeus Original name/combination 1588
Cretaxenomerus Original name/combination 0
Dibaryconus Original name/combination 3
Dichoteleas Original name/combination 158
Dicroscelio Original name/combination 1420
Duarina Original name/combination 16
Duta Original name/combination 4331
Electroteleia Original name/combination 4
Electroteleiopsis Original name/combination 1
Elgonia Original name/combination 56
Embioctonus Original name/combination 29
Encyrtoscelio Original name/combination 145
Eocalliscelio Original name/combination 0
Epigryon Original name/combination 4
Eremioscelio Original name/combination 121
Exon Original name/combination 36
Fusicornia Original name/combination 1736
Galloscelio Original name/combination 0
Genatropis Original name/combination 84
Gryon Original name/combination 10880
Habroteleia Original name/combination 894
Heptascelio Original name/combination 990
Hickmanella Original name/combination 16
Hirtiteleas Original name/combination 1
Holoteleia Original name/combination 135
Huddlestonium Original name/combination 7
Hungarogryon Original name/combination 0
Idris Original name/combination 10466
Indiscelio Original name/combination 22
Janzenella Original name/combination 333
Jarabambius Original name/combination 3
Juxtascelio Original name/combination 0
Lapithoides Original name/combination 2
Leptoteleia Original name/combination 735
Lidgbirdius Original name/combination 24
Listron Original name/combination 1
Macroteleia Original name/combination 5758
Mallateleia Original name/combination 55
Mantibaria Original name/combination 58
Marginanteris Original name/combination 3
Marshalliella Original name/combination 0
Maruzza Original name/combination 1
Masnerella Replacement name 60
Mecix Original name/combination 1
Merriwa Original name/combination 33
Mexon Original name/combination 1
Microteleia Original name/combination 0
Microthoron Original name/combination 341
Moravoscelio Original name/combination 1
Narendraniola Original name/combination 0
Neobaeus Original name/combination 1
Neoceratobaeus Original name/combination 0
Neoduta Original name/combination 0
Neoscelio Original name/combination 89
Neuroscelio Original name/combination 72
Nimiothoron Original name/combination 0
Nixonia Original name/combination 118
Nyleta Original name/combination 492
Odontacolus Original name/combination 1119
Oethecoctonus Replacement name 388
Opisthacantha Original name/combination 5916
Oreiscelio Original name/combination 1497
Orwellium Original name/combination 287
Oxyscelio Original name/combination 8695
Oxyteleia Original name/combination 2348
Palaeogryon Original name/combination 26
Paleothoron Original name/combination 0
Palpoteleia Original name/combination 139
Parabrachyscelio Original name/combination 1
Paraduta Original name/combination 0
Parascelio Original name/combination 215
Pardoteleia Original name/combination 39
Paridris Original name/combination 4080
Perimoscelio Original name/combination 2
Phaedroteleia Original name/combination 0
Phoenoteleia Original name/combination 102
Platygasterites Original name/combination 0
Platyscelidris Original name/combination 43
Platyscelio Original name/combination 728
Plaumannion Original name/combination 3
Plesiobaeus Original name/combination 23
Probaryconus Subsequent name/combination 3744
Proplatyscelio Original name/combination 0
Proteroscelio Original name/combination 3
Proterosceliopsis Original name/combination 3
Pseudanteris Original name/combination 160
Pseudidris Original name/combination 0
Pseudoheptascelio Original name/combination 204
Pseudotelea Original name/combination 0
Psilanteris Original name/combination 1985
Psiloteleia Original name/combination 0
Psix Original name/combination 854
Roena Original name/combination 0
Romilius Original name/combination 319
Sceliacantha Original name/combination 1
Sceliacanthella Original name/combination 276
Scelio Original name/combination 31785
Sceliocerdo Original name/combination 2
Scelioliria Original name/combination 1
Sceliomorpha Original name/combination 5856
Scelionites Original name/combination 0
Sembilanocera Original name/combination 1
Shreemana Original name/combination 135
Sparasion Original name/combination 5716
Spiniteleia Original name/combination 106
Stenotelea Original name/combination 16
Styloteleia Original name/combination 201
Synoditella Original name/combination 98
Thoron Original name/combination 138
Thoronella Original name/combination 124
Thoronidea Original name/combination 116
Tithonoscelio Original name/combination 0
Trachelopteron Original name/combination 0
Trichoteleia Original name/combination 865
Triteleia Original name/combination 2857
Tyrannoscelio Original name/combination 39
Uroteleia Original name/combination 0
Taxon Status # of Records
Afromerica (MS) Unavailable, manuscript name 194
Anteridini Original name/combination 0
Apegus (Apegus) Subsequent name/combination 57
Aquanteris (MS) Original name/combination 1
Aradophagini Original name/combination 0
Askaphion (MS) Original name/combination 1
Baeides Subsequent name/combination 1310
Baeinae Subsequent name/combination 1310
Baeini Original name/combination 1310
Baryconini Original name/combination 0
Baryconus (Baryconus) Subsequent name/combination 2815
Baryconus (Holoteleia) Subsequent name/combination 135
Baryconus (Probaryconus) Original name/combination 3744
Bethylus (Scelion) Unavailable, literature misspelling 31785
Bethylus (Sparasion) Subsequent name/combination 5716
Cacellus Unnecessary replacement name 388
Cacus Junior homonym 388
Calliscelionini Original name/combination 0
Callitelea Unjustified emendation 1885
Caloteleia Unjustified emendation 1885
Caloteleini Original name/combination 0
Chromoteleia (Oxyscelio) Subsequent name/combination 8695
Cremastobaeini Original name/combination 0
Darlingia (MS) Original name/combination 1
Dichoteleia Unavailable, literature misspelling 158
Doddiellini Original name/combination 0
Dyscritobaeini Original name/combination 1926
Embidobiini Original name/combination 217
Encrytoscelio Unavailable, literature misspelling 145
Ensilia (MS) Unavailable, manuscript name 3
Fijiteleia (MS) Unavailable, manuscript name 88
Gondwanium (MS) Unavailable, manuscript name 0
Gryonini Original name/combination 0
Hadronotellini Original name/combination 0
Harringtonia Junior homonym 60
Howdenium (MS) Unavailable, manuscript name 14
Hyperbaeus Unnecessary replacement name 3173
Idris (Ceratobaeus) Subsequent name/combination 54
Indacantha (MS) Original name/combination 1
Lissoma (MS) Unavailable, manuscript name 15
Macrotelia Unjustified emendation 5758
Macrotelia Unavailable, literature misspelling 5758
Mantibariini Original name/combination 0
Meriwa Unavailable, literature misspelling 33
Muscidides Original name/combination 0
Nixonium (MS) Unavailable, manuscript name 33
Odonatcolous Unavailable, literature misspelling 1119
Oestibasis (MS) Unavailable, manuscript name 7
Opistacantha Unavailable, literature misspelling 5916
Oriscelio Unavailable, literature misspelling 1497
Oxyscelio (Oxyscelio) Subsequent name/combination 8695
Palaeogron Unavailable, literature misspelling 26
Platyscelionini Original name/combination 0
Pseudanteridini Original name/combination 0
Psilanteridini Original name/combination 0
Scelio (Oreiscelio) Subsequent name/combination 1497
Scelio (Scelio) Subsequent name/combination 31785
Scelionini Subsequent name/combination 0
Scelionus Unjustified emendation 31785
Serlion Unavailable, literature misspelling 31785
Sparaison Unavailable, literature misspelling 5716
Sparasionidae Original name/combination 1
Sparasionini Subsequent name/combination 1
Sparassion Unavailable, literature misspelling 5716
Teleadidae Original name/combination 0
Tetrabaeus Junior homonym 1
Thoronini Original name/combination 35
Toliara (MS) Unavailable, manuscript name 172
Xanteris (MS) Original name/combination 1
Xenodytes (MS) Original name/combination 1
Taxon Status Relationship Type
Baeinae Ashmead Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
Baeini Ashmead Original name/combination junior_synonym
Embidobiini Kozlov Original name/combination junior_synonym
Cremastobaeini Masner Original name/combination junior_synonym
Teleadidae Walker Original name/combination junior_synonym
Sparasionini Dahlbom Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
Gryonini Szabó Original name/combination junior_synonym
Hadronotellini Szabó Original name/combination junior_synonym
Anteridini Hellén Original name/combination junior_synonym
Psilanteridini Kozlov Original name/combination junior_synonym
Baeides Ashmead Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
Calliscelionini Masner Original name/combination junior_synonym
Sparasionidae Dahlbom Original name/combination junior_synonym
Doddiellini Masner Original name/combination junior_synonym
Dyscritobaeini Mineo, O'Connor & Ashe Original name/combination junior_synonym
Scelionini Haliday Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
Muscidides Motschoulsky Original name/combination junior_synonym
Baryconini Kozlov Original name/combination junior_synonym
Name Coden # of Specimens
Canadian National Collection of Insects, Ottawa, Canada CNCI 40475
Queensland Museum, Brisbane, Australia QM 462
M. S. Wasbauer Collection MSWC 2
Nationaal Natuurhistorisch Museum, Leiden, Netherlands RMNH 297
National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC USNM 4844
American Entomological Institute, Gainesville, FL AEIC 2534
South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou, China SCAU 1320
The Hoffeins Collection, Hamburg, Germany CCHH 6
Key Lab of Insect Evolution and Environmental Changes, College of Life Sciences, Capital Normal University, Beijing, China CNU 6
National Bureau of Agricultural Insect Resources, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Bengaluru, India NBAIR 117
C.A. Triplehorn Insect Collection, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH OSUC 61250
Mississippi Entomological Museum, Mississippi State University, Mississippi State, MS MEMU 311
Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France MNHN 1188
Department of Zoology, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic PRCZ 1
Hope Entomological Collections, Oxford University Museum of Natural History, England OXUM 1
Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu, HI BPBM 2549
Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile MEUC 1
Landcare Research, New Zealand, Arthropod Collection, Auckland, New Zealand NZAC 38
South African National Collection of Insects, Pretoria, South Africa SANC 570
Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Zoology, Beijing, China IZCAS 3
Colegio de Postgraduados Insect Collection, Texcoco, Estado de México, México CEAM 2
Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China SYSU 106
Zoological Museum, Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia ZIN 293
Dipartimento di Scienze Agrarie e Forestali, Università degli Studi di Palermo, Palermo, Italy UNIPA 4
Essig Museum of Entomology, University of California, Berkeley, CA EMEC 182
Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique, Bruxelles, Belgium ISNB 54
Illinois Natural History Survey, Urbana, IL INHS 75
North Regional Station, Zoological Survey of India, Uttaranchal, India NZSI 5
Australian Museum, Sydney, Australia AMSA 35
Museum d'Histoire Naturelle, Geneve, Switzerland MHNG 11
Texas A&M University Insect Collection, College Station, TX TAMU 669
Australian National Insect Collection, Canberra, Australia ANIC 2537
R. A. Beaver Private Collection, Chiang Mai, Thailand RABP 3
Museum Victoria - Entomology, Melbourne, Australia MVMA 14
Universidad Nacional Autonóma de México, Instituto de Biología, Mexico City, Mexico UNAM 25
Queensland Primary Industries Insect Collection, Brisbane, Australia QDPC 685
Museo de Insectos, Universidad de Costa Rica MUCR 20
Lund Museum of Zoology, Lund University, Lund, Sweden MZLU 2207
Department of Palaeobiology, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada ROMC 1
Henry A. Hespenheide Private Collection CHAH 2
Royal Ontario Museum - Entomology, Toronto, Canada ROME 2001
Museo de Invertebrados "G.B. Fairchild", Universidad de Panamá, Panamá, Panama MIUP 12
Cleveland Museum of Natural History, OH CLEV 136
M.A. Ivie Private Collection, Bozeman, MT MAIC 104
Florida State Collection of Arthropods, Gainesville, FL FSCA 602
California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, CA CAS 8386
Western Australian Museum, Perth, Australia WAMP 46
Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad, Santo Domingo de Heredia, Costa Rica INBC 4602
Indian Agriculture Research Institute, National Pusa Collections, New Delhi, India INPC 1
Frank Hasbrouck Entomology Collection, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ ASUHIC 26
Cornell University Insect Collection, Ithaca, NY CUIC 33
University of California, Riverside, CA UCRC 730
Museo Civico de Storia Naturale "Giacomo Doria", Genoa, Italy MCSN 6
Ovidiu Popovici Personal Collection, “A.I. Cuza” University, Faculty of Biology, Iasi, Romania OPPC 1
Kansas University Natural History Museum, Lawrence, KS KUNH 12
California State Collection of Arthropods, Sacramento, CA CSCA 383
Auckland Institute and Museum, Auckland, New Zealand AMNZ 115
Meijo University, Tempaku, Nagoya, Japan ZLMU 366
University of Central Florida Collection of Arthopods UCFC 5166
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, CA LACM 1
Senckenberg Deutsches Entomologisches Institut, Müncheberg, Germany SDEI 1
National Zoological Collection, Zoological Survey of India, Kolkata, India ZSIC 1
Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, PA CMNH 24
Coleção do Entomologia Sistemática, Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia, Manaus, AM, Brazil INPA 1
Museo Nacional de Historia Natural de Paraguay MNHNPY 177
Instituto Alexander von Humboldt, Colección de Artropodos, Villa de Leyva, Colombia IAVH 1234
Zoological Museum, Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen, Denmark ZMUC 3
Royal Museum of Central Africa, Tervuren, Belgium RMCA 105
American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY AMNH 579
Museum Zoologicum Bogoriense - Entomology, Bogor, Indonesia MBBJ 150
Landesmuseum Burgenland, Eisenstadt, Austria BLGA 171
National Museum of Natural History - Unvouchered Records, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC USNMU 19
Lincoln University, Lincoln, New Zealand LUNZ 36
South Australian Museum, Adelaide, Australia SAMA 40
Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute - Entomology, Taichung, Taiwan TARI 797
National Museum of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland NMID 1
Cairo University, Egypt CUE 1
Berlin Museum für Naturkunde der Humboldt-Universität - Entomology, Berlin, Germany ZMHU 1
University of Georgia Collection of Arthropods, Georgia Museum of Natural History, Athens, GA UGCA 30
Nairobi National Museum - Entomology, Nairobi, Kenya NMKE 208
Queen Sirikit Botanical Gardens, Chiang Mai, Thailand QSBG 920
International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology, Nairobi, Kenya ICIPE 20
Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Kiev, Ukraine UASK 333
R.M. Bohart Museum of Entomology, University of California, Davis, CA UCDC 780
Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi, Belém, PA, Brazil MPEG 193
Frost Entomological Museum, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA PSUC 11
Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries and Water, Hobart, Australia TDAH 31
Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest, Hungary HNHM 182
Museu de Zoologia da Universidade de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil MZSP 3873
Hayk Mirzayans Insect Museum, Plant Pests and Diseases Research Institute, Tehran, Iran HMIM 70
Queensland Primary Industries Insect Collection, Mareeba, Australia QPIM 32
Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources, Hanoi, Vietnam IEBR 15
University of California, Los Angeles, CA UCLA 3
University of Colorado Museum of Natural History, Boulder, CO UCMC 84
Geowissenschaftliches Zentrum, Universität Göttingen, Göttingen, Germany GMUG 1
Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales - Entomology, Buenos Aires, Argentina MACN 3
New South Wales Department of Primary Industries, Agricultural Scientific Collections Unit, Orange, Australia ASCU 6
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute STRI 37
Waite Insect and Nematode Collection, Adelaide, Australia WINC 1785
The Natural History Museum, London, UK BMNH 1592
Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA MCZ 341
University of Queensland Insect Collection, Brisbane, Australia UQIC 95
Centre for Insect Systematics, Universiti Kebangsaan, Bangi, Malaysia UKMC 1
South African Museum, Iziko Museums of Cape Town, South Africa SAMC 3288
Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, IL FMNH 937
Western Ghats Field Research Station, Zoological Survey of India, Kozikode, India WGRS 24
Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo, Departamento de Biologia - Coleção Entomológica, Vitoria, Brazil UFES 707
Museo del Instituto de Zoología Agrícola, Maracay, Venezuela MIZA 1418
Instituto di Entomologia F. Silvestri, Portici, Italy IEFS 1
Department of Agriculture, Bangkok, Thailand EMBT 68
Duncan Swan Insect Collection, South Australia WARI 1
Fiji National Insect Collection, Suva, Fiji FNIC 14
Invertebrate Systematics and Diversity Facility - University of Peradeniya, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka ISDF 3
Montana State University, Bozeman, MT MTEC 183
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Collecting Method # of Records
malaise trap/screen sweeping 1
malaise trap/light trap 7
sifting 25
beating 19
Pyrethrum knockdown 57
blue-green pan trap 41
clear pan trap 36
wind vane trap 2
grapamone trap 2
florescent yellow pan trap - ground level 3
sticky trap 7
malaise trap/sweeping 1
sifted guano 1
CDC malaise trap 19
red pan trap 12
Berlese funnel 171
flight intercept trap/pitfall trap 17
maxi-net 445
yellow pan trap/flight intercept trap 50
pan trap 3504
canopy trap 3
reared 79
rotary trap 1
screen sweeping 1325
sweeping/at light 9
fogging 189
malaise trap with trough 14
light blue pan trap 33
white pan trap - 3 ft above ground 1
SLAM trap 273
Lindgren funnel 2
plexiglass trap 4
heliothermal trap 3
reared from egg 198
yellow pan trap/blue pan trap/red pan trap 1
blacklight trap 28
malaise trap/pan trap 550
truck trap 8
gutter trap 3
malaise trap/flight intercept trap 527
vacuuming 11
black malaise trap 9
net/hand 3
flight intercept trap with trough 5
fine malaise trap 104
floating yellow pan trap 5
window trap 45
interception trap 253
malaise trap/yellow pan trap 653
ultraviolet light/blacklight trap 1
litter sampling 8
lab reared 2
white pan under black light 1
yellow pan trap/blue pan trap 105
reared from field-captured host 13
blue pan trap 364
blacklight box trap 4
white pan trap 60
florescent yellow pan trap - 3 ft above ground 2
red pan trap - 3 ft above ground 1
hand net 14
malaise trap head 364
yellow pan trap/interception trap 5
Oliver trap 1
Malaise trap 57337
aerial sweeping 19
sifted/Berlese 1
floating pan trap 1
yellow pan trap - 1 ft above ground 1
blue trap 1
yellow malaise trap 110
net 43
canopy fogging 13
sieved 10
fine malaise trap/pan trap 32
fine malaise trap head 26
fruit fly trap 1
bait trap 2
sifted litter 749
mega malaise trap 2
D-VAC 179
pan trap/flight intercept trap/malaise trap 5
florescent blue pan trap 5
sweeping 3631
feces trap 2
car net 10
dung trap 2
yellow sticky trap 1
pitfall trap 982
white light 1
canopy malaise trap 230
insecticidal fogging 1
mercury vapor light 7
light trap 341
psychedelic trap 1
maxi winkler litter extraction 1
water trap under malaise trap 4
carrion trap/pan trap 1
malaise trap/SLAM trap 19
flight intercept trap 6513
none specified 45185
chem-baited yellow pan trap 15
band trap 1
yellow pitfall trap 9
litter extraction 21
aerial malaise trap 1
flight intercept trap/gutter trap 6
stick brushing 1
reared from fresh sentinel egg mass 15
JX-net 3
modified malaise trap 2
ultraviolet light 23
at light 51
trap 34
cup trap 1
suction trap 8
interception trap/pitfall trap 7
aspirator 110
florescent yellow pan trap - 1 ft above ground 1
barrier pitfall trap 10
water trap 9
BioLure trap 1
pink pan trap 23
beating/sweeping 5
bowl trap 2
at electric light 1
human dung trap 2
sweeping/pooting 25
hand 7
Pyrethrin fogging 16
emergence trap 122
floating malaise trap 2
green pan trap 25
alcohol trap 3
Winkler extraction 23
CDC light trap 1
yellow pan trap 31081
coarse malaise trap 1
flight intercept trap/window trough trap 97
yellow pan trap/white pan trap 2
pan trap/flight intercept trap 29
soil trap 10
plexitray 1
flight intercept trap/yellow pan trap/malaise trap 87
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