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Subsequent name/combination, Valid
Valid Subordinate Taxa
Taxon Status # of Records
Helorinae Subsequent name/combination 44
Protohelorinae Original name/combination 0
Taxon Status # of Records
Protocyrtidae Original name/combination 0
Taxon Status Relationship Type
Protocyrtidae Rohdendorf Original name/combination junior_synonym
Title Author Publication Year Annotation
Svenska små-ichneumonernas familjer och slägten. 1858-12-01 description
Serphoidea (Proctotrypoidea). 1916-10-01 keyed
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Super-famille des Serphoidea Kieffer (= Proctotrypoidea Ashmead). 1951-10-01 description
Revision der Heloridae (Hymenopt., Proctotrupoidea). 1955-05-01 description
[Key to superfamilies and families of Hymenoptera.] 1966-05-01 keyed
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Catálogo de los himenópteros argentinos de la serie parasitica, incluyendo Bethyloidea. 1967-12-01 catalog of species of Argentina
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Report upon the aculeate Hymenoptera of the islands of St. Vincent and Grenada, with additions to the parasitic Hymenoptera and a list of the described Hymenoptera of the West Indies. 1900-10-01 list of species of West Indies
[Hymenopteran insect fauna of Zhejiang.] 2004-07-01 description, keyed
[20. Fam. Heloridae.] 1998-12-01 diagnosis, key to species of Russian Far East
First record of the family Heloridae (Hymenoptera: Proctotrupoidea) from Iran, with description of a new species. 2015-04-01 new distribution record for Iran
Fauna Sinica. Insecta Vol. 56. Hymenoptera Proctotrupoidea (I). 2015-08-01 description, keyed
Determiner(s) # of Records
E. Talamas (Elijah) 3
Collecting Method # of Records
Malaise trap 7
none specified 1
G. Steck [1], Super [2], Sutton [3], P. J. M. Greenslade [4], T. R. New [5], T. M. Pucci (Thomas M.) [6], D. R. Smith (David R.) [7], G. Ramel (Gordon) [8], F. D. Parker (Frank D.) [9], M. E. Irwin (Michael E.) [10], J. Huber [11], Lockhart [12], J. C. Schuster [13], R. C. Osburn (Raymond Carroll) [14], J. Gelhaus [15], T. D. McIntyre [16]