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[On zoological investigations in Yeniseiskaya province in the summer of 1915.] 1916-01-01
[The ants of Kamchatka.] 1920-01-01
[The ants of Chelekenya island.] 1923-01-01
[New species of Leptothorax-ants in Siberia.] 1924-01-01
[Material on the fauna of the health resort "Karachinskoye Lake." 1925-01-01
[New data on the ant fauna of Siberia.] 1925-01-01
[Systematic list of ants found in Siberia. 1. Review of species of the genera Camponotus (s.ext.) and Formica (s.str.).] 1926-01-01
[Faunistic investigations in eastern Russia. Toward the ant fauna of the est of Russia.] 1895-01-01
Verzeichniss der Ameisen des östlichen Russlands und des Uralgebirges. 1896-01-01
[Toward the fauna of ants of the Turgaiskaya oblast.] 1902-01-01
Neue Ameisen aus Russland. 1902-01-01
Die Ameisen der Umgebung des Aral-Sees. 1902-08-01
[Ueber die Ameisenfauna des Kaukasus und der Krim.] 1902-03-01
[A new species of ant from Transcaspian oblast.] 1903-01-01
[Essay on the myrmecological fauna of the Kirgiz steppe.] 1903-01-01
[Ants from the Transbaikal oblast.] 1903-01-01
[On the ants of the Arkhangelsk province.] 1904-01-01
[Ants of Dzhungarskii Alatau.] 1904-01-01
Über Tetramorium striativentre Mayr und Tetr. schneideri Emery. 1905-01-01
[The ants of Russia.] (Formicariae Imperii Rossici.) 1905-01-01
[The ants of Russia. (Formicariae Imperii Rossici.) Systematics, geography and biological data of Russian ants. Part 4.] 1907-01-01
[Myrmecological notices.] 1912-01-01
Myrmekologische Notizen. 1914-01-01
[Ants of the Surgutskii district of Tobolskii province.] 1914-01-01
[On the ants of Tibet and the southern Gobi. From material collected by the expedition of Col. P. K. Kozlov.] 1915-01-01
[Material on the myrmecology of Siberia. 1. On the myrmecological fauna of Tomsk province and some other localities of Siberia (from investigations 1914-1915). 1915-01-01
[Ants of the Tomsk oblast and contiguous districts.] 1946-02-01