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Recent sawfly research - synthesis and prospects. 2006-05-01
Tenthredo marginella hakkariensis ssp. nov. aus der Türkei (Hymenoptera, Symphyta, Tenthredinidae). 1991-05-01
Revision of the sawflies described by Lothar Zirngiebl. (Preliminary studies for a catalogue of Symphyta, part 2.) (Insecta, Hymenoptera, Symphyta). 1996-08-01
The East Asian Xyela species (Hymenoptera: Xyelidae) associated with Japanese red pine (Pinus densiflora; Pinaceae) and their distribution history. 2005-05-01
Revision of the sawfly genera Asiarge Gussakovskij, 1935 and Kokujewia Konow, 1902 (Hymenoptera: Argidae). 1998-08-01
Revisionary notes on pamphiliid sawflies (Hymenoptera, Symphyta: Pamphiliidae). Preliminary studies for a catalogue of Symphyta, part 3. 1998-08-01
Case 3063. Blennocampa Hartig, 1837, Cryptocampus Hartig, 1837, Taxonus Hartig, 1837, Ametastegia A. Costa, 1882, Endelomyia Ashmead, 1898, Monsoma MacGillivray, 1908, Gemmura E.L. Smith, 1968, Blennocampini Konow, 1890 and Caliroini Benson, 1938 (Insecta, Hymenoptera): proposed conservation by setting aside the type species designations by Gimmerthal (1847) and recognition of those by Rohwer (1911). 1999-03-01
Orussus smithi sp. n. and notes on other West Palaearctic Orussidae. 2006-05-01
Taxonomy and evolution of Tenthredo (Elinora) species similar to T. dahlii and T. koehleri (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae). 2006-05-01
Comments on the taxonomy of Symphyta (Hymenoptera). (Preliminary studies for a catalogue of Symphyta, part 4.) 1998-05-01
Checklist of the sawflies (Hymenoptera: Symphyta) of India. 2006-07-01
World catalog of Symphyta (Hymenoptera). 2010-08-01
ECatSym - Electronic world catalog of Symphyta, version 4.0 (Beta). 2006-08-11
European sawflies (Hymenoptera: Symphyta) - a species checklist for the countries. 2005-07-01
ECatSym - Electronic World Catalog of Symphyta: history and progress (Hymenoptera). 2005-07-01
Two new Dolerus species from Korea (Hymenoptera, Symphyta, Tenthredinidae). 1996-06-01
Pflanzenwespen Deutschlands (Hymenoptera, Symphyta). Kommentierte Bestandsaufnahme. 1998-05-01
Taxonomic status of Tenthredo capreae Linné, 1758 revisited and the type species of Pachynematus Konow, 1890 (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae). 1998-07-01
Bürsten- und Keulhornblattwespen in Bundesland Salzburg (Österreich) (Hymenoptera, Symphyta: Argidae und Cimbicidae). 1996-08-01
Comments on European sawflies (Hymenoptera: Symphyta). 2006-06-01
Verzeichnis der Hautflügler Deutschlands. 2001-04-01