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R. M. Fouts (Robert M.)

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Title Author Publication Year PDF File
New Platygasteridae from the Marquesas. 1934-09-01
Description of a new serphoid parasite (Hymen.). 1923-09-01
New bethylid and serphoid parasites from Borneo and the Philippine Islands. 1930-03-01
Report on a small collection of parasitic Hymenoptera from Italian Somaliland. 1934-03-01
Some new parasites, with remarks on the genus Platygaster (Hymenoptera). 1920-03-01
New bethylid and serphoid parasites from North America. (Hymenoptera). 1924-06-01
Descriptions of one new genus and three new species of Diapriidae (Hymenoptera). 1939-07-01
New serphoid, bethylid, and anteonid wasps from the Marquesas and Society Islands. 1935-03-01
Descriptions of new Nearctic Serphoidea (Hymenoptera). 1927-03-01
Parasitic wasps of the genus Trimorus in North America. 1948-03-01
A new species of Microphanurus from Italian Somaliland (Hymenoptera Scelionidae). 1930-03-01
New serphoid parasites from North and South America (Hymenoptera). 1925-03-01
Notes on the Belytinae with descriptions of new species from the state of New York (Hymenoptera). 1926-05-01
New serphoid parasites from the United States (Hymenoptera). 1925-06-01
Check list of the Serphoidea, Bethylidae, and Anteonidae of Oceania. 1936-03-01
Three new species of Proctotrupoidea (Hymenoptera). 1966-04-01
Notes on Serphoidea with descriptions of new species (Hymenoptera). 1926-05-01
Revision of the North American wasps of the subfamily Platygasterinae. 1924-08-01
New parasitic Hymenoptera from the Oriental islands. 1922-01-01
Descriptions of three new Hymenoptera from the Philippine Islands. 1925-07-01
Decription of a new species of Goniozus from Oregon (Hymenoptera: Bethylidae). 1942-07-01