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L. Masner (Lubomír)

Lubomir Masner (Lubo), presently Honorary Research Associate with Agriculture & AgriFood Canada (Canadian National Collection of Insects) in Ottawa, Canada. MSc in Zoology (1957), PhD in Entomology (1962) from Charles University and Academy of Sciences in Prague respectively. In 1968 moved to Canada to join the Agriculture Canada (CNCI) for the next 38 years. Interests in biosystematics of all proctotrupoid wasps (s.l.) worldwide and therefore often accused of suffering from "one track mind" by blurring profession with hobbies. Trying to make the CNCI collection (now 500,000 specimens strong) bigger and better to serve as a base camp for every serious student of proctotrupoid wasps. Continuously contemplating better mouse trap for catching even the elusive/cryptic wasplets of this planet. Always ready to assist & guide more students of this fascinating group of insects.
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