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Diversity in the Australian ant genus Iridomyrmex Mayr, 1862: a critique of Heterick & Shattuck (2011), with particular reference to I. coeruleus Heterick & Shattuck, 2011. 2013-05-01
A global ecology of rainforest ants: functional groups in relation to environmental stress and disturbance. 2000-12-31
Ant diversity in arid Australia: a systematic overview. 2007-08-01
The ants of Northern Australia. A guide to the monsoonal fauna. 2000-02-01
Common names for Australian ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). 2002-06-01
A systematic overview of Australian species of the myrmicine ant genus Meranoplus F. Smith, 1853 (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). 2006-05-01
Canopy ant communities in the semi-arid and mallee region of north-western Victoria. 1992-03-01
The ant fauna of a mallee outlier near Melton, Victoria. 1991-04-01
Exploring a new biodiversity frontier: subterranean ants in northern Australia. 2010-05-01
The ant fauna of the remote Mitchell Falls area of tropical north-western Australia: biogeography, environmental relationships and conservation significance. 2010-05-01
The ant fauna of Timor and neighbouring islands: potential bridges between the disjunct faunas of South East Asia and Australia. 2010-05-01
The interactions of ants with other organisms. 2000-12-31
Systematics of the Monomorium rothsteini Forel species complex (Hymenoptera: Formicidae), a problematic ant group in Australia. 2014-05-01
Taxonomic confusion of two tramp ant species: Iridomyrmex anceps and Ochetellus glaber are really species complexes. 2011-05-01
Dominance and species co-occurrence in highly diverse ant communities: a test of the interstitial hypothesis and discovery of a three-tiered competition cascade. 2011-05-01