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S. H. Scudder (Samuel Hubbard)

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The butterflies of the eastern United States and Canada, with special reference to New England. 1889-04-01
The first discovered traces of fossil insects in the American Tertiaries. 1877-11-01
Appendix to Mr. George M. Dawson's report. The insects of the Tertiary beds at Quesnel. 1877-11-01
The fossil insects of the Green River shales. 1878-11-01
Manuscript notes by the late T. W. Harris on Say's insects and papers. - I. 1899-02-01
Index to the known fossil insects of the world including myriapods and arachnids. 1891-02-01
Supplement to the revision of the Melanopli. 1898-11-01
An unknown tract on American insects by Thomas Say. 1899-03-01
Entomological correspondence of Thaddeus William Harris, M.D. 1869-07-01
The Tertiary insects of North America. 1890-07-01
Some insects of special interest from Florissant, Colorado and other points in the Tertiaries of Colorado and Utah. 1892-07-01
Nomenclator zoologicus. An alphabetical list of all generic names that have been employed by naturalists for recent and fossil animals from the earliest times to the close of the year 1879. In two parts: I. supplemental list. II. universal index. 1882-06-01