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A. S. Menke

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Title Author Publication Year PDF File
Ampulex compressa (F.) in Venezuela (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae). 1983-08-01
A new Ntela, subgenus Tenila, with a key to the species of the subgenus (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae). 1969-08-01
The genus Ammophila in the West Indies (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae). 1970-08-01
The correct name for a common North American trypoxylon wasp (Hymenoptera, Sphecidae). 1974-08-01
A new Pachodynerus from Mayaguana Island, Bahamas, and a key to the West Indian species of the genus (Hymenoptera: Vespidae: Eumeninae). 1986-08-01
Three sphecid wasps previously unrecorded from Tahiti (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae). 1979-08-01
Aha, a new genus of Australian Sphecidae and revised key to the world genera of the tribe Miscophini (Hymenoptera, Larrinae). 1977-08-01
New genera of Old World Sphecidae (Hymenoptera). 1967-08-01
North American Charipidae: key to genera, nomenclature, species checklists, and a new species of Dilyta Foerster (Hymenoptera: Cynipoidea). 1991-08-01
Sphecid Wasps of the World: errors and ommissions (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae). 1979-08-01
A new species of Apocharips from Costa Rica (Hymenoptera: Cynipoidea, Charipidae). 1993-03-01
Nomenclatorial notes on North American Cynipidae (Hymenoptera). 1980-03-01
A review of the genus Palmodes in North America (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae). 1961-07-01