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T. A. Marshall

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Title Author Publication Year PDF File
On some British Cynipidae. 1870-03-01
Enumerations de quelques Hymenopteres du Venezuela. 1892-03-01
On a new genus and species of Belytidae from New Zealand. 1892-05-01
Hymenoptera. New British species, corrections of nomenclature, etc. (Cynipidae, Ichneumonidae, Braconidae, and Oxyura). 1874-05-01
On some British Diapriadae. 1868-07-01
Descriptions of a new genus and two new species of European Oxyura. 1874-05-01
Description of a new species of Aphidius from Britain 1872-10-01
Note on Tanyzonus bolitophilae, p. 275. 1892-05-01
Descriptions of British Hymenoptera (Proctotrupidae) new to science, &c. 1867-07-01
Note on Platymischus dilatatus, Westw. o+. 1867-07-01
Notes on some parasitic Hymenoptera, with descriptions of new species. 1868-10-01
A catalogue of British Hymenoptera; Oxyura. 1873-03-01
Voyage de M. E. Simon au Venezuela (Décembre 1887-Avril 1888). 17e Mémoire (1). Hyménoptères. 1892-05-01
Proctotrypidae. Species des Hymenopteres d'Europe et d'Algerie. Vol. 9. Pages 1-64. 1904-05-01