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U. Maschwitz (Ulrich)

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An unusual myrmecophytic Macaranga association, occurring in a disjunct area in the monsoon zone of south-east Asia: phenology and the description of a new ant spcies. 2004-05-01
Nesttarnung bei tropischen Ameisen. 1993-05-01
The migrating herdsman Dolichoderus (Diabolus) cuspidatus: an ant with a novel mode of life. 1985-02-01
Tandemlaufen als Rekrutierungsverhalten bei Bothroponera tesserinoda Forel. 1974-02-01
A southeast Asian ponerine ant of the genus Leptogenys (Hym., Form.) with army ant life habits. 1989-02-01
The natural history of Polyrhachis (Myrmhopla) muelleri Forel 1893 (Formicidae Formicinae), a weaver ant with mimetic larvae and an unusual nesting behaviour. 1990-05-01
Description of five new weaver ant species of Camponotus subgenus Karavaievia Emery, 1925 (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) from Malaysia and Thailand, with contribution to their biology, especially to colony foundation. 2006-02-01
Durchsichtige Nesthüllen und andere überraschende Strategien der Insekten im Kampf ums Überleben. 1992-05-01
The arachne-group of Polyhachis: weaver ants cultivating Homoptera on bamboo. 1990-07-01
Revision of the Oriental plant-ant genus Cladomyrma. 1999-09-01
Flood control by ants: water bailing behavior in the south-east Asian plant ant genus Cladomyrma (Formicidae, Formicinae). 1997-11-01