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A. N. Zhelokhovtsev

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[The fauna of sawflies and woodwasps (Hymenoptera Symphyta) of the southern Magadan area.] 1976-08-01
[Review of the Palearctic sawflies of the subfamily Selandriinae (Hym., Tenthr.).] 1951-08-01
[New species of Symphyta (Hymenoptera) of the fauna of the USSR.] 1968-08-01
Über paläarkitsche Dolerinae. 1928-08-01
[The sawflies of Armenia.] 1941-08-01
Sawflies notes (Hym.). 1939-08-01
Notes sur les Dolerinae (Hym.) paléarctiques. 1935-08-01
Neue oder wenig bekannte Tenthredinoidea aus Ost-Sibirien. 1935-08-01
[New genus and species of sawffies (Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae) inhabiting sandy deserts of Middle Asia.] 1964-08-01
[Materials on the fauna of sawflies and woodwasps of Central Asia, I.] 1976-08-01
[27. Order Hymenoptera = wasps Suborder Symphyta (Chalastogastra) - Sawflies and woodwasps.] 1988-08-01
Über Blattwespen aus Turkestan. 1924-08-01
Neue Tenthredinoidea aus Asien (Hym.). 1927-08-01
[Ueber die Typen der Japanischen Tenthredinidae (Hym) in W. Motschulski Sammlung.] 1935-08-01
[Review of the sawflies of the subfamily Cladiinae (Hymenopera, Tenthredinidae) of the fauna of the USSR.] 1951-08-01
[New and little known sawflies (Hymenoptera, Symphyta) from Tian-Shan.] 1961-08-01
[A new species of the genus Tenthredo (Hymenoptera, Tenthrionidae from Zuvand.] 1971-08-01
On some Tertiary sawflies (Hymenoptera: Symphyta) from Colorado. 1972-08-01
[New species of sawflies (Hymenoptera, Symphyta).] 1981-08-01
[A new sawfly species, Nematus mandshuricus sp. n. (Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae) from Transbaikalia and Far East.] 1994-08-01
[Key to the insects of the European part of the USSR. Vol. III, Part 6.] 1988-08-01