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A. D. Austin (Andrew D.)

Andy Austin is Director of the Centre for Evolutionary Biology and Biodiversity at The University of Adelaide. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in 1977 from the University of Sydney and completed a PhD in1982 at Adelaide on the interaction between spiders and their scelionid egg parasitoids. He then spent two years at the Natural History Museum, London working on parasitoid systematics, and took up his current position at Adelaide University in 1985. Andy's major research interests centre on the biology and systematics of the wasp families Scelionidae and Braconidae, the molecular phylogenetics of parasitic Hymenoptera, the evolution of host-parasitoid interactions, and the biodiversity of terrestrial arthropods. He is on the editorial boards of the journals Invertebrate Systematics, Systematic Entomology, Australian Journal of Entomology and Oriental Insects.
Darling Building; The University of Adelaide; ;
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