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Insects of Hawaii, Johnston Island and Wake Island. A gynandromorph of Tetramorium guineense Fabr. 1926-08-01
Ants from the caves of Yucatan. 1938-12-01
Studies of Neotropical ant-plants and their ants. 1942-12-01
The female of Eciton sumichrasti Norton, with some notes on the habits of Texan ecitons. 1900-12-01
A study of some Texan Ponerinae. 1900-12-01
The habits of Ponera and Stigmatomma. 1900-12-01
The compound and mixed nests of American ants. 1901-12-01
The compound and mixed nests of American ants. Part II. The known cases of social symbiosis among American ants. 1901-12-01
The compound and mixed nests of American ants. Part II (continued). 1901-12-01
A new agricultural ant from Texas, with remarks on the known North American species. 1902-12-01
Formica fusca Linn. ssp. subpolita Mayr, var. perpilosa, n. var. 1902-12-01
New agricultural ants from Texas. 1902-12-01
An American Cerapachys, with remarks on the affinities of the Cerapachyinae. 1902-12-01
The occurrence of Formica cinerea Mayr and Formica rufibarbis Fabricius in America. 1902-12-01
A consideration of S. B. Buckley's "North American Formicidae." 1902-12-01
Erebomyrma, a new genus of hypogaeic ants from Texas. 1903-12-01
A decad of Texan Formicidae. 1903-12-01
A revision of the North American ants of the genus Leptothorax Mayr. 1903-12-01
The North American ants of the genus Stenamma sensu stricto. 1903-12-01
Extraordinary females in three species of Formica, with remarks on mutation in the Formicidae. 1903-12-01
Some new gynandromorphous ants, with a review of the previously recorded cases. 1903-12-01
Some notes on the habits of Cerapachys augustae. 1903-12-01
Three new genera of inquiline ants from Utah and Colorado. 1904-12-01
The American ants of the subgenus Colobopsis. 1904-12-01
A crustacean-eating ant (Leptogenys elongata Buckley). 1904-12-01
Ants from Catalina Island, California. 1904-12-01
The ants of North Carolina. 1904-12-01
A new type of social parasitism among ants. 1904-12-01
An interpretation of the slave-making instincts in ants. 1905-12-01
The ants of the Bahamas, with a list of the known West Indian species. 1905-12-01
New species of Formica. 1905-12-01
The North American ants of the genus Dolichoderus. 1905-12-01
The fungus-growing ants of North America. 1907-12-01
The ants of Porto Rico and the Virgin Islands. 1908-12-01
The ants of Jamaica. 1908-12-01
Ants from Moorea, Society Islands. 1908-12-01
Honey ants, with a revision of the American Myrmecocysti. 1908-12-01
The ants of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. (Part 1.). 1908-12-01
The ants of Casco Bay, Maine, with observations on two races of Formica sanguinea Latreille. 1908-12-01
Comparative ethology of the European and North American ants. 1908-12-01
A small collection of ants from Victoria, Australia. 1909-12-01
Ants collected by Prof. F. Silvestri in Mexico. 1909-12-01
Ants collected by Prof. F. Silvestri in the Hawaiian Islands. 1909-12-01
Ants of Formosa and the Philippines. 1909-12-01
A decade of North American Formicidae. 1909-12-01
A new honey ant from California. 1909-12-01
Observations on some European ants. 1909-12-01
Three new genera of myrmicine ants from tropical America. 1910-12-01
An aberrant Lasius from Japan. 1910-12-01
A new species of Aphomomyrmex from Borneo. 1910-12-01
The North American ants of the genus Camponotus Mayr. 1910-12-01
The North American forms of Lasius umbratus Nylander. 1910-12-01
The North American forms of Camponotus fallax Nylander. 1910-12-01
Additions to the ant fauna of Jamaica. 1911-12-01
Ants collected in Grenada, W. I. by Mr. C. T. Brues. 1911-12-01
Three formicid names which have been overlooked. 1911-12-01
A new Camponotus from California. 1911-12-01
Two fungus-growing ants from Arizona. 1911-12-01
A list of the type species of the genera and subgenera of Formicidae. 1911-12-01
Descriptions of some new fungus-growing ants from Texas, with Mr. C. G. Hartman's observations on their habits. 1911-12-01
Three new ants from Mexico and Central America. 1911-12-01
The ants of Guam. 1912-12-01
Notes on a mistletoe ant. 1912-12-01
New names for some ants of the genus Formica. 1912-12-01
Additions to our knowledge of the ants of the genus Myrmecocystus Wesmael. 1912-12-01
The male of Eciton vagans Olivier. 1912-12-01
Corrections and additions to "List of type species of the genera and subgenera of Formicidae." 1913-12-01
The ants of Cuba. 1913-12-01
Ants collected in Georgia by Dr. J. C. Bradley and Mr. W. T. Davis. 1913-12-01
Ants collected in the West Indies. 1913-12-01
Zoological results of the Abor Expedition, 1911-12. Hymenoptera, II. Ants (Formicidae). 1913-12-01
A revision of the ants of the genus Formica (Linné) Mayr. 1913-12-01
Formica exsecta in Japan. 1914-12-01
Ants collected by W. M. Mann in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico. 1914-12-01
Note on the habits of Liomyrmex. 1914-12-01
The American species of Myrmica allied to M. rubida Latreille. 1914-12-01
New and little known harvesting ants of the genus Pogonomyrmex. 1914-12-01
Neomyrma versus Oreomyrma. A correction. 1915-12-01
Some additions to the North American ant fauna. 1915-12-01
Paranomopone, a new genus of ponerine ants from Queensland. 1915-12-01
The Australian honey-ants of the genus Leptomyrmex Mayr. 1915-12-01
Two new genera of myrmicine ants from Brazil. 1915-12-01
A new bog-inhabiting variety of Formica fusca L. 1915-12-01
Hymenoptera. 1915-12-01
The ants of the Baltic amber. 1915-12-01
The Australian ants of the genus Onychomyrmex. 1916-12-01
Four new and interesting ants from the mountains of Borneo and Luzon. 1916-12-01
Ants collected in British Guiana by the expedition of the American Museum of Natural History during 1911. 1916-12-01
Ants collected in Trinidad by Professor Roland Thaxter, Mr. F. W. Urich, and others. 1916-12-01
Some new formicid names. 1916-12-01
Two new ants from Texas and Arizona. 1916-12-01
Note on the Brazilian fire-ant, Solenopsis saevissima F. Smith. 1916-12-01
An anomalous blind worker ant. 1916-12-01
Prodiscothyrea, a new genus of ponerine ants from Queensland. 1916-12-01
The Australian ants of the genus Aphaenogaster Mayr. 1916-12-01
Questions of nomenclature connected with the ant genus Lasius and its subgenera. 1916-12-01
Ants carried in a floating log from the Brazilian mainland to San Sebastian Island. 1916-12-01
The mountain ants of western North America. 1917-12-01
The phylogenetic development of subapterous and apterous castes in the Formicidae. 1917-12-01
The North American ants described by Asa Fitch. 1917-12-01
A new Malayan ant of the genus Prodiscothyrea. 1917-12-01
The ants of Alaska. 1917-12-01
The Australian ant-genus Myrmecorhynchus (Ern. André) and its position in the subfamily Camponotinae. 1917-12-01
Jamaican ants collected by Prof. C. T. Brues. 1917-12-01
The temporary social parasitism of Lasius subumbratus Viereck. 1917-12-01
A list of Indiana ants. 1917-12-01
The Australian ants of the ponerine tribe Cerapachyini. 1918-12-01
Ants collected in British Guiana by Mr. C. William Beebe. 1918-12-01
A study of some ant larvae, with a consideration of the origin and meaning of the social habit among insects. 1918-12-01
The ants of the genus Opisthopsis Emery. 1918-12-01
Two gynandromorphous ants. 1919-12-01
A new subspecies of Aphaenogaster treatae Forel. 1919-12-01
Expedition of the California Academy of Sciences to the Galapagos Islands, 1905-1906. Part 14. The ants of the Galapagos Islands. 1919-12-01
Expedition of the California Academy of Sciences to the Galapagos Islands, 1905-1906. Part 15. The ants of Cocos Island. 1919-12-01
The ants of Borneo. 1919-12-01
The ant genus Lordomyrma Emery. 1919-12-01
A new paper-making Crematogaster from the southeastern United States. 1919-12-01
The ants of the genus Metapone Forel. 1919-12-01
A singular Neotropical ant (Pseudomyrma filiformis Fabricius). 1919-12-01
The subfamilies of Formicidae, and other taxonomic notes. 1920-12-01
Professor Emery's subgenera of the genus Camponotus Mayr. 1921-12-01
A new case of parabiosis and the "ant gardens" of British Guiana. 1921-12-01
Chinese ants. 1921-12-01
Observations on army ants in British Guiana. 1921-12-01
Chinese ants collected by Prof. C. W. Howard. 1921-12-01
The Tachigalia ants. 1921-12-01
Observations on Gigantiops destructor Fabricius and other leaping ants. 1922-12-01
The ants of Trinidad. 1922-12-01
A new genus and subgenus of Myrmicinae from tropical America. 1922-12-01
Neotropical ants of the genera Carebara, Tranopelta and Tranopeltoides, new genus. 1922-12-01
Wissenschaftliche Ergebnisse der schwedischen entomologischen Reise des Herrn Dr. A. Roman in Amazonas 1914-1915. 7. Formicidae. 1923-12-01
Chinese ants collected by Professor S. F. Light and Professor A. P. Jacot. 1923-12-01
Report on the ants collected by the Barbados-Antigua Expedition from the University of Iowa in 1918. 1923-12-01
The occurrence of winged females in the ant genus Leptogenys Roger, with descriptions of new species. 1923-12-01
Ants of the genera Myopias and Acanthoponera. 1923-12-01
The Formicidae of the Harrison Williams Galapagos Expedition. 1924-12-01
Ants of Krakatau and other islands in the Sunda Strait. 1924-12-01
A gynandromorph of Tetramorium guineense Fabr. 1924-12-01
On the ant-genus Chrysapace Crawley. 1924-12-01
Neotropical ants in the collections of the Royal Museum of Stockholm. Part I. 1925-12-01
Zoological results of the Swedish expedition to Central Africa 1921. Insecta. 10. Formicidae. 1925-12-01
The finding of the queen of the army ant Eciton hamatum Fabricius. 1925-12-01
A new guest-ant and other new Formicidae from Barro Colorado Island, Panama. 1925-12-01
Ants of the Balearic Islands. 1926-12-01
The occurrence of Formica fusca L. in Sumatra. 1927-12-01
Burmese ants collected by Professor G. E. Gates. 1927-12-01
Ants of the genus Amblyopone Erichson. 1927-12-01
Chinese ants collected by Professor S. F. Light and Professor N. Gist Gee. 1927-12-01
A few ants from China and Formosa. 1927-12-01
The physiognomy of insects. 1927-12-01
The ants of the Canary Islands. 1927-12-01
Ants collected by Professor F. Silvestri in Indochina. 1927-12-01
The ants of Lord Howe Island and Norfolk Island. 1927-12-01
Zatapinoma, a new genus of ants from India. 1928-12-01
Mermis parasitism and intercastes among ants. 1928-12-01
Ants collected by Professor F. Silvestri in China. 1928-12-01
Ants collected by Professor F. Silvestri in Japan and Korea. 1928-12-01
A new species of Probolomyrmex from Java. 1928-12-01
The identity of the ant genera Gesomyrmex Mayr and Dimorphomyrmex Ernest Andre. 1929-12-01
Three new genera of ants from the Dutch East Indies. 1929-12-01
Note on Gesomyrmex. 1929-12-01
The ant genus Rhopalomastix. 1929-12-01
A Camponotus mermithergate from Argentina. 1929-12-01
Some ants from China and Manchuria. 1929-12-01
Ants collected by Professor F. Silvestri in Formosa, the Malay Peninsula and the Philippines. 1929-12-01
Formosan ants collected by Dr. R. Takahashi. 1930-12-01
The ant Prenolepis imparis Say. 1930-12-01
A second note on Gesomyrmex. 1930-12-01
Two new genera of ants from Australia and the Philippines. 1930-12-01
A new parasitic Crematogaster from Indiana. 1930-12-01
A new Emeryella from Panama. 1930-12-01
Philippine ants of the genus Aenictus with descriptions of the females of two species. 1930-12-01
A list of the known Chinese ants. 1930-12-01
Neotropical ants of the genus Xenomyrmex Forel. 1931-12-01
New and little known ants of the genera Macromischa, Croesomyrmex and Antillaemyrmex. 1931-12-01
The ant Camponotus (Myrmepomis) sericeiventris Guérin and its mimic. 1931-12-01
An Australian Leptanilla. 1932-12-01
A list of the ants of Florida with descriptions of new forms. 1932-12-01
Ants of the Marquesas Islands. 1932-12-01
Ants from the Society Islands. 1932-12-01
The Templeton Crocker Expedition of the California Academy of Sciences, 1923. No. 6. Formicidae of the Templeton Crocker Expedition. 1933-12-01
Mermis parasitism in some Australian and Mexican ants. 1933-12-01
New ants from China and Japan. 1933-12-01
A second parasitic Crematogaster. 1933-12-01
A new Myrmoteras from Java. 1933-12-01
A new species of Ponera and other records of ants from the Marquesas Islands. 1933-12-01
Three obscure genera of ponerine ants. 1933-12-01
An ant new to the fauna of the Hawaiian Islands. 1933-12-01
Formicidae of the Templeton Crocker Expedition, 1933. 1934-12-01
An Australian ant of the genus Leptothorax Mayr. 1934-12-01
A second revision of the ants of the genus Leptomyrmex Mayr. 1934-12-01
Contributions to the fauna of Rottnest Island, Western Australia. No. IX. - The ants. 1934-12-01
Some aberrant species of Camponotus (Colobopsis) from the Fiji Islands. 1934-12-01
Ants from the islands off the west coast of Lower California and Mexico. 1934-12-01
Neotropical ants collected by Dr. Elisabeth Skwarra and others. 1934-12-01
Two new genera of myrmicine ants from Papua and the Philippines. 1935-12-01
New ants from the Philippines. 1935-12-01
Myrmecological notes. 1935-12-01
Ants of the genera Belonopelta Mayr and Simopelta Mann. 1935-12-01
The Australian ant genus Mayriella Forel. 1935-12-01
Ants of the genus Acropyga Roger, with description of a new species. 1935-12-01
Check list of the ants of Oceania. 1935-12-01
The Australian ant genus Froggattella. 1936-12-01
Ants from Hispaniola and Mona Island. 1936-12-01
A singular Crematogaster from Guatemala. 1936-12-01
Ecological relations of ponerine and other ants to termites. 1936-12-01
Notes on some aberrant Indonesian ants of the subfamily Formicinae. 1936-12-01
Ants from the Society, Austral, Tuamotu and Mangareva Islands. 1936-12-01
Additions to the ant fauna of Krakatau and Verlaten Island. 1937-12-01
Ants mostly from the mountains of Cuba. 1937-12-01
The North American ants of the genus Liometopum. 1905-12-01
An annotated list of the ants of New Jersey. 1905-12-01
New ants from New England. 1906-12-01
Fauna of New England. 7. List of the Formicidae. 1906-12-01
The ants of Japan. 1906-12-01
The ants of the Grand Canon. 1906-12-01
The ants of Bermuda. 1906-12-01
A collection of ants from British Honduras. 1907-12-01
Notes on a new guest-ant, Leptothorax glacialis, and the varieties of Myrmica brevinodis Emery. 1907-12-01
Ants, their structure, development and behavior. 1910-01-01
Colony-founding among ants, with an account of some primitive Australian species. 1933-01-01
Mosaics and other anomalies among ants. 1937-01-01
Ants from the Azores. 1908-01-01
Formicoidea. Formicidae. 1916-12-31
Formicidae from Easter Island and Juan Fernandez. 1922-12-31
Worker ants with vestiges of wings. 1905-01-01
The polymorphism of ants, with an account of some singular abnormalities due to parasitism. 1907-01-01
Concerning some ant gynandromorphs. 1931-01-01
Two Neotropical ants established in the United States. 1929-06-01
The compound and mixed nests of American ants. Part III. Symbiogenesis and psychogenesis. 1901-05-01
Microdon larvae in Pseudomyrma nests. 1901-05-01
The parasitic origin of macroërgates among ants. 1901-05-01
Notices biologiques sur les fourmis mexicaines. 1901-05-01
On the pupation of ants and the feasibility of establishing the Guatemalan kelep or cotton-weevil ant in the United States. 1904-05-01
Some further comments on the Guatemalan boll weevil ant. 1904-05-01
Some remarks on temporary social parasitism and the phylogeny of slavery among ants. 1905-05-01
How the queens of the parasitic and slave-making ants establish their colonies. 1905-05-01
Ants from the summit of Mount Washington. 1905-12-31
Dr. O. F. Cook's "Social organization and breeding habits of the cotton-protecting kelep of Guatemala." 1905-05-01
The habits of the tent-building ant (Cremastogaster Lineolata Say). 1905-05-01
On the founding of colonies by queen ants, with special reference to the parasitic and slave-making species. 1906-05-01
On certain tropical ants introduced into the United States. 1906-05-01
The queen ant as a psychological study. 1906-05-01
The kelep excused. 1906-05-01
An ethological study of certain maladjustments in the relations of ants to plants. 1906-05-01
On certain modified hairs peculiar to the ants of arid regions. 1907-05-01
The origin of slavery among ants. 1907-05-01
The polymorphism of ants. 1908-05-01
A European ant (Myrmica levinodis) introduced into Massachusetts. 1908-05-01
The ants of Isle Royale, Michigan. 1909-12-31
Small artifical ant-nests of novel patterns. 1910-05-01
The effects of parasitic and other kinds of castration in insects. 1910-05-01
Notes about ants and their resemblance to man. 1912-05-01
Observations on the Central American acacia ants. 1912-05-01
A solitary wasp (Aphilanthops Frigidus F. Smith) that provisions its nest with queen ants. 1913-05-01
Gynandromorphous ants described during the decade 1903-1913. 1914-05-01
A synonymic list of the ants of the Ethiopian region. 1922-05-01
A synonymic list of the ants of the Malagasy region. 1922-05-01
Social life among the insects. 1922-05-01
Triglyphothrix striatidens Emery as a cave ant. 1924-05-01
Obituary. Carlo Emery. 1925-05-01
The occurrence of the pavement ant (Tetramorium caespitum L.) in Boston. 1927-05-01
Ants of Nantucket Island, Mass. 1928-05-01
Two interesting Neotropical myrmecophytes (Cordia nodosa and C. alliodora). 1929-05-01
Two mermithergates of Ectatomma. 1930-05-01
[Review of: Forel, A. The social world of the ants compared with that of man. (Trans. by C. K. Ogden.) 2 vols. London; New York: Putnam's. Pp. xxx+551; 445. 24 plates; 738 text-figures.] 1930-05-01
An extraordinary ant-guest from the Philippines (Aenictoteras Chapmani, gen. et sp. nov.). 1932-05-01
How the primitive ants of Australia start their colonies. 1932-05-01
Some attractions of the field study of ants. 1932-05-01
Revised list of Hawaiian ants. 1934-05-01
Some ants from the Bahama Islands. 1934-05-01
Binary anterior ocelli in ants. 1936-05-01
Dr. Castle and the Dzierzon theory. 1904-05-01
[Untitled.] 1908-07-01
Lasius (Acanthomyops) claviger in Tahiti. 1911-09-01
On the presence and absence of cocoons among ants, the nest-spinning habits of the larvae and the significance of the black cocoons among certain Australian species. 1915-05-01
The marriage-flight of a bull-dog ant (Myrmecia sanguinea F. Smith). 1916-05-01
[Review of: Donisthorpe, H. St. J. K., British ants, their life-history and classification. Playmouth: Wm. Brendon & Son, Ltd., 1915. Pp. xv+373, 18 pls. and 92 text-figs.] 1916-05-01
Notes on some slave-raids of the western Amazon ant (Polyergus breviceps Emery). 1916-05-01
A phosphorescent ant. 1916-05-01
An Indian ant introduced into the United States. 1916-05-01
Notes on the marriage flights of some Sonoran ants. 1917-05-01
The pleometrosis of Myrmecocystus. 1917-05-01
The parasitic Aculeata, a study in evolution. 1919-05-01
The ants of Tobago Island. 1919-05-01
Ants of the genus Formica in the tropics. 1922-05-01
On the distribution of the ants of the Ethiopian and Malagasy regions. 1922-05-01
The ants collected by the American Museum Congo Expedition. 1922-05-01
Keys to the genera and subgenera of ants. 1922-05-01
Ants of the American Museum Congo expedition. A contribution to the myrmecology of Africa. 1922-05-01
Social life among the insects. Lecture V. Parasitic ants and their guests. 1923-06-01
Concerning Monomorium destructor Jerdon. 1906-07-01
The feeding habits of the pseudomyrmine and other ants. 1920-12-01
Amazonian myrmecophytes and their ants. 1929-12-01
The ants of the Philippine Islands. Part I, Dorylinae and Ponerinae. 1925-12-01
A study of the ant genera Novomessor and Veromessor. 1934-12-01
Ant-tree notes from Rio Frio, Colombia. 1930-12-01
The ants of Haiti. 1914-12-01
The ants of the Phillips expedition to Palestine during 1914. 1916-12-01
Dimorphic queens in an American ant (Lasius latipes Walsh). 1903-12-01
Euponera gilva (Roger), a rare North American ant. 1920-06-01
The mating of Diacamma. 1922-05-01
The males of some Texas ecitons. 1901-12-01