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C. Teranishi (Cho)

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A new species of Formicidae from Japan. 1915-11-01
[Works of Cho Teranishi. Memorial Volume.] 1940-01-01
[Ants of the Palaearctic part of Japan (1).] 1930-10-01
[On the discovery of Monomorium pharaonis Linnaeus in Osaka.] 1930-10-01
[Further note on Camponotus marginatus var. quadrinotatus Forel.] 1915-03-01
[Ant-fauna in the neighborhood of Osaka.] 1915-03-01
[Note on Tetramorium caespitum Linné.] 1916-03-01
[Japanese ants, their behavior and distribution (III). 1933-11-01
Insects of Jehol [VII] - Orders: Coleoptera (II) & Hymenoptera (I). Family Formicidae. 1936-02-01
[Winged ants attracted to the light-trap settled in the Nawa Entomological Laboratory.] 1930-10-01
[Formicid found in the bottom-mud of Lake Ichibishinae, Kunashiri.] 1934-11-01
[Note on Stigmatomma silvestrii Wheeler.] 1935-12-01
[A list of the ants of Sakhalin.] 1932-11-01
[A list of ants found at the sand dune of Tottori.] 1933-11-01
[An ergatogyne of Pristomyrmex pungens Mayr.] 1936-01-01
[On Paratrechina longicornis (Latreille) and Monomorium pharaonis (Linnaeus).] 1928-10-01
Ants collected by Mr. K. Kobayashi on the island of Shikotan in the Southern Kuriles. 1931-11-01
[Formica exsecta var. fukaii Wheeler and its related species.] 1934-12-01
[New localities for Polyergus samurai Yano.] 1927-05-01