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Original name/combination, Valid
Valid Subordinate Taxa
Taxon Status # of Records
Alloserphus Original name/combination 0
Austroserphinae Subsequent name/combination 2
Chengdeserphus Original name/combination 0
Dintonia Original name/combination 0
Heloriserphus Original name/combination 0
Liaoserphus Original name/combination 0
Ocnoserphus Original name/combination 0
Oxyserphus exhumatus Subsequent name/combination 0
Pallenites Original name/combination 0
Peverella Original name/combination 0
Proctotrupes bistriatus Original name/combination 0
Proctotrupes brachypterus Subsequent name/combination 0
Proctotrupes caudatus Original name/combination 1
Proctotrupes cellularis Subsequent name/combination 0
Proctotrupes gravidator Subsequent name/combination 0
Proctotrupes indivisus Subsequent name/combination 0
Proctotrupes maurus Subsequent name/combination 0
Proctotrupes pallidus Subsequent name/combination 0
Proctotrupes sinensis Original name/combination 0
Proctotrupes terminalis Subsequent name/combination 2
Proctotrupinae Subsequent name/combination 743
Proctotrypites Original name/combination 0
Protoprocto Original name/combination 0
Rasnitsynia Replacement name 0
Saucrotrupes Original name/combination 0
Scalprogaster Original name/combination 0
Steleoserphus Original name/combination 0
Taxon Status # of Records
Austroserphidae Subsequent name/combination 2
Austroserphini Original name/combination 2
Banchus gravidator Subsequent name/combination 0
Codrinidae Subsequent name/combination 0
Codrus gravidator Subsequent name/combination 0
Codrus pallidus Original name/combination 0
Disogmus Bistriatus Subsequent name/combination 0
Disogmus bistriatus Subsequent name/combination 0
Eriodorus Unjustified emendation 0
Erodorus Original name/combination 0
Ichneumon gravidator Original name/combination 0
Oligoneuroides Junior homonym 0
Proctotrupes Gravidator Subsequent name/combination 0
Proctotrupes exhumatus Subsequent name/combination 0
Proctotrupes pállidus Subsequent name/combination 0
Proctotrypes brachypterus Subsequent name/combination 0
Proctotrypes caudatus Subsequent name/combination 1
Proctotrypes exhumatus Original name/combination 0
Proctotrypes gravidator Subsequent name/combination 0
Proctotrypes pallidus Subsequent name/combination 0
Proctotrypes terminalis Original name/combination 2
Serphidae Original name/combination 0
Serphinae Subsequent name/combination 0
Serphus Original name/combination 0
Serphus (Serphus) Subsequent name/combination 0
Serphus (Serphus) Divagator var. Brachypterus Subsequent name/combination 0
Serphus (Serphus) Gravidator Subsequent name/combination 0
Serphus (Serphus) Gravidator var. Indivisus Original name/combination 0
Serphus (Serphus) Maurus Original name/combination 0
Serphus (Serphus) gravidator var. indivisus Subsequent name/combination 0
Serphus bistriatus Subsequent name/combination 0
Serphus brachypterus Original name/combination 0
Serphus caudatus Subsequent name/combination 1
Serphus cellularis Original name/combination 0
Serphus exhumatus Subsequent name/combination 0
Serphus gravidator Subsequent name/combination 0
Serphus gravidator gravidator Subsequent name/combination 0
Serphus gravidator indivisus Subsequent name/combination 0
Serphus maurus Subsequent name/combination 0
Serphus pallidus Subsequent name/combination 0
Serphus terminalis Subsequent name/combination 2
Wolfiana Unnecessary replacement name 0
Taxon Status Relationship Type
Erodorus Walckenaer Original name/combination junior_synonym
Eriodorus Agassiz Unjustified emendation junior_synonym
Serphidae Kieffer Original name/combination junior_synonym
Serphinae Kieffer Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
Serphus Schrank Original name/combination junior_synonym
Serphus (Serphus) Schrank Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
Codrinidae Dahlbom Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
Title Author Publication Year Annotation
Catalog of world Proctotrupoidea excluding Platygastridae. 1992-03-01 cataloged, catalog of world species
Precis des caracteres generiques des insectes, disposes dans un ordre naturel. 1796-07-01 original description. Type: Proctotrupes brevipennis Latreille, first included species
Histoire naturelle, générale et particulière, des crustacés et des insectes. Vol. 3. 1802-02-01 description
Histoire naturelle, générale et particulière, des crustacés et des insectes. Vol. 13. 1805-02-01 description, synonymy
Ueber die Geschlechtsverschiedenheit der Piezaten. Erster Haelfte der Fabriciusschen Gattungen. 1807-03-01 description
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Determiner(s) # of Records
Collecting Method # of Records
none specified 2
yellow pan trap 1
Sutton [1], G. Steck [2], S. M. Fullerton (Stuart M.) [3], Super [4], Mayor [5], Steck [6], E. Zoll [7], R. Shurtz [8], C. R. Neiswander [9], A. Roach [10], N. F. Johnson (Norman F.) [11]