Collecting Institution Specimen ID Alternate Identifier(s) Identified As Country State Locality Collecting Date Collector(s) Collecting Unit Type Field code


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Valid, Valid
Valid Subordinate Taxa
Taxon Status # of Records
Schlettererius cinctipes Subsequent name/combination 228
Schlettererius determinatoris Original name/combination 1
Taxon Status # of Records
Stephanus cinctipes Original name/combination 228
Taxon Status Relationship Type
Name Coden # of Specimens
Canadian National Collection of Insects, Ottawa, Canada CNCI 4
National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC USNM 29
American Entomological Institute, Gainesville, FL AEIC 23
Essig Museum of Entomology, University of California, Berkeley, CA EMEC 81
Australian National Insect Collection, Canberra, Australia ANIC 1
Fresno County Department of Agriculture, CA FCDA 1
Museum Victoria - Entomology, Melbourne, Australia MVMA 2
Royal Ontario Museum - Entomology, Toronto, Canada ROME 1
Florida State Collection of Arthropods, Gainesville, FL FSCA 1
Frank Hasbrouck Entomology Collection, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ ASUHIC 2
University of California, Riverside, CA UCRC 2
California State Collection of Arthropods, Sacramento, CA CSCA 10
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, CA LACM 15
M.T. James Museum, Washington State University, Pullman, WA WSU 2
American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY AMNH 1
Orma J. Smith Museum of Natural History, College of Idaho, Caldwell, ID CIDA 3
Utah State University Insect Collection, Logan, UT EMUS 4
Forest Commission of N. S. W. FCNI 11
University of Idaho, W.F. Barr Entomological Collection, Moscow, ID WFBM 19
Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, PA ANSP 5
R.M. Bohart Museum of Entomology, University of California, Davis, CA UCDC 18
Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest, Hungary HNHM 1
University of Wisconsin Insect Research Collection, Madison, WI IRCW 3
Duncan Swan Insect Collection, South Australia WARI 10
Montana State University, Bozeman, MT MTEC 1
Oregon Department of Agriculture, Salem, OR ODAC 7
Determiner(s) # of Records
Collecting Method # of Records
reared 2
reared from field-captured host 6
Malaise trap 2
none specified 248
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