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Subsequent name/combination, Valid
Valid Subordinate Taxa
Taxon Status # of Records
Acropyga Original name/combination 1
Agraulomyrmex Original name/combination 0
Anoplolepis Original name/combination 0
Aphomomyrmex Original name/combination 0
Bregmatomyrma Original name/combination 0
Lepisiota Original name/combination 0
Petalomyrmex Original name/combination 0
Plagiolepis Original name/combination 0
Tapinolepis Original name/combination 0
Taxon Status # of Records
Acantholepis (Lepisiota) Subsequent name/combination 0
Acantholepis (Pseudacantholepis) Unavailable, nomen nudum 0
Acantholepis (Pseudacantholepis) fervida Unavailable, nomen nudum 0
Acantholepis fervida Unavailable, nomen nudum 0
Acropiga Unavailable, literature misspelling 1
Acropya Unavailable, literature misspelling 1
Acropyga (Acropyga) Subsequent name/combination 1
Anaplolepis Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Anoplolepis (Anoplolepis) Subsequent name/combination 0
Aphomyrmex Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Bregmatomyrinii Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Bregmatomyrmex Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Bregmatomyrmini Subsequent name/combination 0
Bregmatomyrminii Original name/combination 0
Brematomyrma Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Brematomyrminii Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Phagiolepis Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Plagidepis Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Plagiolegis Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Plagiolepis (Anoplolepis) Subsequent name/combination 0
Plagiolepis (Plagiolepis) Subsequent name/combination 0
Plagiolepsis Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Plagiorepis Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Plagrolepis Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Plapiolepis Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Plegiolepis Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Plogiolepis Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Taxon Status Relationship Type
Bregmatomyrmini Wheeler Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
Brematomyrminii Wheeler Unavailable, literature misspelling junior_synonym
Bregmatomyrminii Wheeler Original name/combination junior_synonym
Bregmatomyrinii Wheeler Unavailable, literature misspelling junior_synonym
Name Coden # of Specimens
Cleveland Museum of Natural History, OH CLEV 1
Title Author Publication Year Annotation
Synopsis and classification of Formicidae. 2003-02-01 synoptic list of genera, synonymy, diagnosis, placed in lasiine group of tribes, references
Biologia Centrali-Americana; or, contributions to the knowledge of the fauna and flora of Mexico and Central America. Insecta. Hymenoptera. Vol. III. (Formicidae.) 1899-01-01 species of Mexico and Central America
Cadre synoptique actuel de la faune universelle des fourmis. 1917-01-01 classification, treated as tribe in section Mesocamponotinae of subfamily Camponotinae
Formicides Neotropiques. Part 6. 5me sous-famille Camponotinae Forel. 1912-01-01 description, placed as tribe in section Mesocamponotinae of subfamily Camponotinae
The ant larvae of the subfamily Formicinae (Hymenoptera: Formicidae): supplement. 1968-12-01 description of larva
Hymenoptera, Fam. Formicidae, subfam. Formicinae. 1925-12-01 description, keyed, key to workers, males of world genera
A skeleton of a new arrangement of the families, subfamilies, tribes and genera of the ants, or the superfamily Formicoidea. 1905-08-01 classification, treated as tribe of Formicidae, Formicinae
A synonymic list of the ants of the Ethiopian region. 1922-05-01 catalog of species of Ethiopian region
Fauna Entomologica Italiana. I. Hymenoptera. - Formicidae. 1916-12-01 description
Les fourmis de France et de Belgique. 1918-07-01 keyed
A monograph of the Formicidae of South Africa. [Part 4]. 1920-08-01 keyed
Keys to the genera and subgenera of ants. 1922-05-01 keyed, key to genera
A synonymic list of the ants of the Malagasy region. 1922-05-01 catalog of species of Malagasy region
[Ants of the Palaearctic part of Japan (1).] 1930-10-01 keyed, key to genera of Palearctic part of Japan
The ants (Hym. Formicidae) of Mauritius. 1946-07-01 species of Mauritius
Check list of the ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) of Asia. 1951-05-01 species of Asia
The ant larvae of the subfamily Formicinae. 1953-12-01 keyed
The ant larvae of the subfamily Formicinae. 1953-12-01 description
La reserve naturelle integrale du Mt Nimba. XI. Hymenopteres Formicidae. 1953-07-01 species of Mt. Nimba
Ant larvae of the subfamily Formicinae: second supplement. 1970-12-01 description
Ant larvae: review and synthesis. 1976-12-01 description, keyed
A catalogue of Philippine Hymenoptera (with a bibliography, 1758-1963). 1966-10-01 catalog of species of the Philippines
[The ants of Turkmenistan.] 1990-01-01 keyed
[The origin and early stages of evolution of ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae).] 1988-04-01 classification, list of included genera, placed in subfamily Formicinae
Superfamily Formicoidea. 1979-04-01 catalog of species of America north of Mexico
Identification guide to the ant genera of the world. 1994-12-01 tribe in Formicinae, list of genera
The ants. 1990-12-01 list of included genera, placed in subfamily Formicinae
A simplified conspectus of the Formicidae. 1985-12-01 placed in subfamily Formicinae, list of genera
Ten-year supplement to "Ant larvae: review and synthesis." 1986-08-01 description, keyed
Lista de las especies de hormigas de la región Neotropical. 2003-11-30 list of species of Neotropical region
Special issue: List of Neotropical Ants. Número monográfico: Lista de las hormigas neotropicales 2004-12-01 list of genera, species of Neotropical region
Then there were five: a reexamination of the ant genus Paratrechina (Hymenoptera, Formicidae). 2014-05-01 key to genera of Prenolepis group
A taxonomic review of the genus Myrmelachista (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Costa Rica. 2006-03-01 description
A revised phylogenetic classification of the ant subfamily Formicinae (Hymenoptera: Formicidae), with resurrection of the genera Colobopsis and Dinomyrmex. 2016-02-01 list of included genera
Phylogenomic methods outperform traditional multi-locus approaches in resolving deep evolutionary history: a case study of formicine ants. 2015-12-01 recovered as monophyletic group, list of included genera
Determiner(s) # of Records
Collecting Method # of Records
yellow pan trap 1
H. Clebsch (Hans) [1]