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Schlettererius cinctipes
Subsequent name/combination, Valid
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Taxon Status # of Records
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Name Coden # of Specimens
Title Author Publication Year Annotation
Classification of the ichneumon flies, or the superfamily Ichneumonoidea. 1900-10-01 generic transfer, keyed
Catalogus hymenopterorum hucusque descriptorum systematicus et synonymicus. Volumen III: Trigonalidae, Megalyridae, Stephanidae, Ichneumonidae, Agriotypidae, Evaniidae, Pelecinidae. 1902-10-01 listed
Uber die Klassifikation der Stephaniden. 1905-09-01 listed
Neue Beitrage zur Kenntnis und Klassifikation der Stephaniden. 1906-09-01 listed, keyed
Type species of the genera of ichneumon flies. 1914-04-01 genotype list
Monograph of the hymenopterous family Stephanidae. 1922-09-01 description, taxonomic discussion, keyed
A list of the insects of New York, with a list of the spiders and certain other allied groups. 1928-09-01 listed
The Nearctic species of the family Stephanidae (Hymenoptera). 1949-09-01 description, distribution, ecology, figure, keyed
Siric woodwasps and their associated parasitoids in the Southwestern United States. 1975-09-01 hosts, seasonality
Observations on a popultion of Schlettererius cinctipes (Cresson) (Hymenoptera: Stephanidae) in a selective cut of white fir (Abies concolor) in the Sierra Nevada of California Natural control of Monochamus oregonensis, wood boring insects. 1978-09-01 biology, behavior
Stephanidae. 1979-04-01 listed, distribution, biology, ecology
Cubitus posterior in Hymenoptera. 1990-08-01 wing venation nomenclature, figure
Zur Kenntnis der palaearktischen Stephanidae (Hymenoptera, Stephanoidea). 1991-09-01 redescription, figure, keyed
Collections of Stephanidae (Hymenoptera) in the Mid-Atlantic States including an Eastern record for Schlettererius cinctipes (Cresson). 1997-09-01 distribution, rearing records, keyed
Collecting Method # of Records
reared 2
reared from field-captured host 6
Malaise trap 2
none specified 247
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