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  1. Platygasteridae

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Subsequent name/combination, Invalid
Valid Subordinate Taxa
Taxon Status # of Records
Jordanoscelio Replacement name 0
Platygastrinae Subsequent name/combination 12546
Scelioninae Subsequent name/combination 135421
Sceliotrachelinae Original name/combination 1763
Teleasinae Subsequent name/combination 8536
Telenominae Subsequent name/combination 54748
Taxon Status # of Records
Geoscelionini Original name/combination 0
Microptera Junior homonym 0
Platychalidae Unavailable, other 0
Platygasterinae Subsequent name/combination 12546
Platygasterini Subsequent name/combination 12546
Scelionidae Original name/combination 31450
Scelionides Subsequent name/combination 135421
Scelioninae Subsequent name/combination 31450
Scelionini Subsequent name/combination 31450
Scelionini Subsequent name/combination 135421
Scelioniniens Subsequent name/combination 135421
Scelionoidae Subsequent name/combination 31450
Sceliotrachelini Subsequent name/combination 1763
Teleasini Original name/combination 8536
Teleasiniens Subsequent name/combination 8536
Telenomeinae Unavailable, literature misspelling 54748
Telenomides Subsequent name/combination 54748
Telenomini Original name/combination 54748
Telenominiens Subsequent name/combination 54748
Telesinae Unavailable, literature misspelling 8536
Taxon Status Relationship Type
Scelionoidae Haliday Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
Platychalidae Kaddumi Unavailable, other junior_synonym
Scelionidae Haliday Original name/combination junior_synonym
Scelioninae Haliday Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
Scelionini Haliday Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
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Determiner(s) # of Records
E. J. Talamas (Elijah Jacob) 1
Collecting Method # of Records
yellow pan trap 1
A. P. Aguiar (Alexandre P.) [1], J. Dias [2]