Collecting Institution Specimen ID Alternate Identifier(s) Identified As Country State Locality Collecting Date Collector(s) Collecting Unit Type Field code


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Original name/combination, Valid
Valid Subordinate Taxa
Taxon Status # of Records
Adlerzia Original name/combination 0
Ancyridris Original name/combination 0
Aretidris Original name/combination 0
Calyptomyrmex Original name/combination 0
Carebara Original name/combination 0
Crematogaster Original name/combination 361
Cyphoidris Subsequent name/combination 0
Dacatria Original name/combination 0
Dacetinops Original name/combination 0
Dicroaspis Original name/combination 0
Diplomorium Original name/combination 0
Eocenomyrma Original name/combination 0
Eutetramorium Original name/combination 0
Formosimyrma Original name/combination 0
Gaoligongidris Original name/combination 0
Huberia Original name/combination 0
Hypopomyrmex Original name/combination 0
Indomyrma Original name/combination 0
Kartidris Original name/combination 0
Lasiomyrma Original name/combination 0
Liomyrmex Original name/combination 0
Lonchomyrmex Original name/combination 0
Lophomyrmex Original name/combination 0
Lordomyrma Original name/combination 0
Malagidris Original name/combination 0
Mayriella Original name/combination 0
Melissotarsus Original name/combination 0
Meranoplus Original name/combination 0
Metapone Original name/combination 0
Ocymyrmex Original name/combination 0
Oxyidris Original name/combination 0
Paratopula Original name/combination 0
Proatta Original name/combination 0
Propodilobus Original name/combination 0
Recurvidris Original name/combination 0
Rostromyrmex Original name/combination 0
Royidris Original name/combination 0
Secostruma Original name/combination 0
Strongylognathus Replacement name 0
Tetheamyrma Original name/combination 0
Tetramorium Original name/combination 177
Trichomyrmex Original name/combination 10
Vitsika Original name/combination 0
Vollenhovia Original name/combination 0
Taxon Status # of Records
Ancyridis Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Archaeomyrmecini Original name/combination 0
Archaeomyrmicini Subsequent name/combination 0
Brunella Original name/combination 0
Calyptomyrmecini Original name/combination 0
Calyptomyrmex (Calyptomyrmex) Subsequent name/combination 0
Cataulacii Original name/combination 0
Cataulacinae Subsequent name/combination 0
Cataulacini Subsequent name/combination 0
Cermatogaster Unavailable, literature misspelling 361
Cremastagaster Unavailable, literature misspelling 361
Cremastogaster Unavailable, literature misspelling 361
Cremastogaster (Cremastogaster) Subsequent name/combination 361
Cremastogsater Unavailable, literature misspelling 361
Crematogastar Unavailable, literature misspelling 361
Crematogaster (Crematogaster) Subsequent name/combination 361
Crematogastor Unavailable, literature misspelling 361
Cremstogaster Unavailable, literature misspelling 361
Cromatogaster Unavailable, literature misspelling 361
Cyphoïdris Original name/combination 0
Dicroapsis Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Diplomorium (Diplomorium) Subsequent name/combination 0
Eutetromorium Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Formicoxenii Subsequent name/combination 265
Formicoxenini Original name/combination 265
Goaligongidris Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Gremastogaster Unavailable, literature misspelling 361
Grematogaster Unavailable, literature misspelling 361
Hubertia Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Hypopomyrmecina Subsequent name/combination 0
Hypopomyrmiciti Original name/combination 0
Liomyrmecini Original name/combination 0
Lophomyrmecini Subsequent name/combination 0
Lophomyrmicini Original name/combination 0
Loptomyrmex Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Melanoplus Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Melissotarsii Original name/combination 0
Melissotarsini Subsequent name/combination 0
Meranopiini Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Meranoplini Original name/combination 0
Metaponini Original name/combination 0
Monomorium (Adlerzia) Subsequent name/combination 0
Myrmecini Unavailable, literature misspelling 156
Myrmecini Subsequent name/combination 156
Myrmecinini Original name/combination 156
Myrmica (Tetmamorium) Unavailable, literature misspelling 177
Myrmicinini Unavailable, literature misspelling 156
Myrmus Junior homonym 0
Ocymyrmecini Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Ocymyrmicini Original name/combination 0
Paratopulini Original name/combination 0
Pheidologetini Original name/combination 0
Pheidologetonini Subsequent name/combination 0
Postromyrmex Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Proattini Original name/combination 0
Recuruidris Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Storongylognathus Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Strongilognathus Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Strongylagnathus Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Strongylognatus Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Sulcomyrmex Unavailable, other 177
Tapinoma Unavailable, literature misspelling 177
Teleutomyrmecini Subsequent name/combination 0
Teleutomyrmini Original name/combination 0
Tetmamorium Unavailable, literature misspelling 177
Tetnamonium Unavailable, literature misspelling 177
Tetramerium Unavailable, literature misspelling 177
Tetramirum Unavailable, literature misspelling 177
Tetramonium Unavailable, literature misspelling 177
Tetramorii Subsequent name/combination 0
Tetramoriini Subsequent name/combination 0
Tetramorini Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Tetramoriuh Unavailable, literature misspelling 177
Tetramorius Unavailable, literature misspelling 177
Tetramotium Unavailable, literature misspelling 177
Tetromorium Unavailable, literature misspelling 177
Tretamorium Unavailable, literature misspelling 177
Tretamoriume Unavailable, literature misspelling 177
Trigonogaster Junior homonym 0
Volenhovia Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Vollenchovia Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Vollenhovenia Unjustified emendation 0
Wollenhovia Unavailable, literature misspelling 0
Taxon Status Relationship Type
Lophomyrmicini Emery Original name/combination junior_synonym
Meranopiini Emery Unavailable, literature misspelling junior_synonym
Calyptomyrmecini Dlussky & Fedoseeva Original name/combination junior_synonym
Tetramorini Emery Unavailable, literature misspelling junior_synonym
Tetramoriini Emery Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
Tetramorii Emery Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
Myrmecini Ashmead Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
Myrmecini Ashmead Unavailable, literature misspelling junior_synonym
Cataulacinae Emery Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
Formicoxenii Forel Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
Cataulacii Emery Original name/combination junior_synonym
Proattini Forel Original name/combination junior_synonym
Meranoplini Emery Original name/combination junior_synonym
Teleutomyrmini Kutter Original name/combination junior_synonym
Melissotarsii Emery Original name/combination junior_synonym
Archaeomyrmecini Mann Original name/combination junior_synonym
Cataulacini Emery Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
Myrmecinini Ashmead Original name/combination junior_synonym
Myrmicinini Ashmead Unavailable, literature misspelling junior_synonym
Liomyrmecini Bolton Original name/combination junior_synonym
Formicoxenini Forel Original name/combination junior_synonym
Pheidologetini Emery Original name/combination junior_synonym
Teleutomyrmecini Kutter Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
Metaponini Forel Original name/combination junior_synonym
Archaeomyrmicini Mann Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
Ocymyrmicini Emery Original name/combination junior_synonym
Paratopulini Bolton Original name/combination junior_synonym
Ocymyrmecini Emery Unavailable, literature misspelling junior_synonym
Lophomyrmecini Emery Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
Melissotarsini Emery Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
Pheidologetonini Emery Subsequent name/combination junior_synonym
Title Author Publication Year Annotation
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The evolution of myrmicine ants: phylogeny and biogeography of a hyperdiverse ant clade (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). 2014-07-01 synonymy, list of included genera
Determiner(s) # of Records
Collecting Method # of Records
Berlese funnel 1
ultraviolet light/blacklight trap 7
Malaise trap 160
sweeping 44
pitfall trap 159
maxi winkler litter extraction 7
flight intercept trap 3
none specified 736
ultraviolet light 1
trap 5
hand 1
yellow pan trap 35
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