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A. P. Dodd (Alan Parkhurst)

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A new platygasterid genus with remarkable antennae (Hym.: Proctotrupoidea). 1914-09-01
Notes and corrections on Australian Prototrypoidea, with descriptions of forty-five new species. 1915-01-01
Australian Hymenoptera Proctotrypoidea. No. 1. 1913-03-01
A revision of four genera of Australian Scelionidae. 1929-03-01
Australian Hymenoptera Prototrypoidea.--No. 5. 1926-03-01
Further new genera and species of Australian Proctotrypoidea. 1914-03-01
Further additions to the Australian Proctotrypoidea. 1914-03-01
New Proctotrypoidea from Australia (Hym.). 1914-03-01
New species of Australian Proctotrypoidea, with revisional notes. 1926-03-01
Some proctotrypoid egg-parasites of sugar cane insects in Java. 1914-03-01
A new proctotrypoid egg-parasite from the West Indies (Hym.). 1914-03-01
Four new proctotrupoid egg-parasites of sugar cane insects in Java. 1914-03-01
Chalcidoidea and Proctotrupoidea from Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands, with descriptions of new genera and species. 1924-04-01
The genus Scelio Latreille in Australia (Hymenoptera; Proctotrypoidea). 1927-04-01
Two new Hymenoptera of the superfamily Proctotrypidae from Australia. 1920-05-01
Australian Hymenoptera Proctotrypoidea. No. 2. 1914-03-01
Australian Hymenoptera Proctotrypoidea. No. 3. 1915-03-01
Hymenopterous parasites of Embioptera 1939-03-01
A new proctotrypoid genus from Australia (Hym.). 1914-03-01
Two new Scelionidae from Fiji. 1914-03-01
A new genus and species of Australian Proctotrypidae. 1933-06-01
Some new south Queensland Proctotrypoidea. 1913-09-01
The genus Oxyscelio Kieffer, its synonymy and species, with a description of one new genus (Hymenoptera: Proctotrypoidea). 1931-03-01
Notes on the exotic Proctotrupoidea in the British and Oxford University Museums, with descriptions of new genera and species. 1920-03-01
Some new parasitic Hymenoptera from Australia. 1913-03-01
New Hymenoptera Proctotrypoidea from Victoria. 1930-03-01
A revision of the Australian Teleasinae (Hymenoptera: Proctotrupoidea) 1930-03-01
A new genus of Scelionidae from Australia. 1914-03-01
The Australian species of Macroteleia and Prosapegus (Scelionidae) Hymenoptera. 1933-03-01
Australian Hymenoptera Proctotrypoidea. No. 4. 1916-03-01
Notes on parasitic Hymenoptera from Australia, with descriptions of new species. 1927-03-01
Some south Queensland Proctotrypoidea. 1913-03-01
A remarkable new platygasterid genus from Australia. 1913-07-01
A new genus of Platygasteridae from Australia (Hymen.). 1914-07-01
The presence of ring-joints in Australian Scelionidae. 1914-07-01