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W. M. Mann (William M.)

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Notes on a collection of West African myrmecophiles. 1922-05-01
A proctotrypid inquiline with Formica exsectoides Forel. (Hym.). 1920-10-01
Two serphoid guests of Eciton (Hym.). 1923-08-01
Myrmecophiles from the western United States and Lower California. 1924-04-01
Some myrmecophilous insects from Mexico 1914-08-01
The ants of the British Solomon Islands. 1919-02-01
Additions to the ant fauna of the West Indies and Central America. 1920-02-01
The ants of the Fiji Islands. 1921-02-01
Ants from Honduras and Guatemala. 1922-02-01
Two new ants from Bolivia. 1923-02-01
Notes on Cuban ants. 1924-02-01
New beetle guests of army ants. 1925-02-01
Ants collected by the University of Iowa Fiji-New Zealand Expedition. 1925-02-01
Some new Neotropical ants. 1926-02-01
A new ant from Porto Rico. 1931-02-01
Two new ants collected in quarantine. 1935-02-01
Parabiosis in Brazilian ants. 1912-02-01
A new form of a southern ant from Naushon Island, Massachusetts. 1915-02-01
The ants of Brazil. 1916-02-01
Notes on Cuban ants of the genus Macromishca (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). 1929-07-01
Stalking ants, savage and civilized. 1934-05-01
Notes on the guests of some Californian ants. 1911-04-01
On some northwestern ants and their guests. 1911-04-01
Literature for 1912 on the behavior of ants and myrmecophiles. 1913-04-01
Ant guests from Fiji and the British Solomon Islands. 1920-04-01
The ants of Haiti. 1914-12-01
The ants of the Phillips expedition to Palestine during 1914. 1916-12-01