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J. O. Westwood (John Obadiah)

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An introduction to the modern classification of insects; founded on the natural habits and corresponding organisation of the different families. 1840-06-01
Descriptions of some new species of exotic Hymenoptera belonging to Evania and the allied genera, being a supplement to a memoir on those insects published in the third volume of the Transactions of the Entomological Society. 1851-03-01
Synopsis of the genera of British Insects. 1840-03-01
Descriptions of several new British forms amongst the parasitic hymenopterous insects. 1833-04-01
"...Hymenopterous Insects, which Mr Westwood regarded as new to science." 1835-12-01
Observations on the genus Typhlopone, with descriptions of several exotic species of ants. 1840-12-01
Description of a new species of the hymenopterous genus Aenictus, belonging to the Dorylidae. 1845-09-29
Description of a new dorylideous insect from South Africa, belonging to the genus Aenictus. 1847-12-01
Description of the "Driver" ants, described in the preceding article. 1847-12-01
Contributions to fossil entomology. 1854-12-01
Entomology. 24 March. 1827-09-01
On Evania and some allied genera of hymenopterous insects. 1843-03-01
On the Evaniidae and some allied genera of hymenopterous insects. 1841-03-01
Thesaurus entomologicus oxoniensis; or, illustrations of new, rare, and interesting insects, for the most part contained in the collections presented to the University of Oxford by the Rev. F. W. Hope, M.A., D.C.L., R.R.S., &c. 1874-03-01
Descriptions of several new British forms amongst the parasitic hymenopterous insects. 1833-04-01
Characters of new genera and species of hymenopterous insects.... 1835-04-01
Description of several British forms amongst the parasitic hymenopterous insects. 1832-07-01
Further notices of the British parasitic hymenopterous insects; together with the "Transactions of a fly with a long tail," observed by Mr. E. W. Lewis; and additional observations. 1833-09-01
Class Insecta. 1832-09-01
Monograph of the hymenopterous group, Dorylides. 1842-01-01
Descriptions of some new species of short-tongued bees belonging to the genus Nomia. 1875-08-01
On the Mutillae of New Holland. 1843-10-01
Descriptions of some exotic species of sawflies. 1841-08-01
Insectorum arachnoidumque novorum decades duo. 1835-08-01
As the insect described by Mr. Lewis differs from any of the species of Perga recorded by Dr. Leach in the Zoological Miscellany, vol. iii., it may be appropriately named and characterized thus: Perga Lewisii. 1837-08-01
A monograph of the sawflies composing the Australian genus Perga of Leach. 1880-08-01
Notice on the habits of a Cynipideous Insect Parasitic upon the rose louse (Aphis rosae), with descriptions of several other Parasitic Hymenoptera. 1833-03-01
Notice of the ravages of insects upon barley and turnips; by J.C. Farmer, Esq.: with observations thereon, and descriptions and figures of the Insects, by J. O. Westwood, Esq. F.L.S. & c. 1835-03-01